“Meditation to Help You Create Inner Peace During Tragic Times” (Boston)

You can also use this meditation any time that you desire to create peace in your mindandbody.

We are happy that you are here…

We published this meditation for all of you, shortly after the events that happened in Boston last year. And now it seems necessary again in view of the terrible situations that people in other countries are living in.

If you read the news yesterday  and saw the picture below, you probably felt immense sadness in your heart too.  But YOU are a powerful being and when you release your fears and create peace in your mindandbody, you are making a huge impact in the world around you, yes YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO PEACE,  as we have told you in our different articles in this website.

So if you really want to make a big contribution to peace, make it your goal to live in a state of continual peace as much as possible. It is true that we are human and that we have our ups and downs.  When you are feeling low and sad or anxious, use our meditation to help you relax.  It only takes 6 minutes, and it contains all the elements to make it effective.

Thanks for contributing to peace!

Face of tragedy as boy, 4, flees war-ravaged Syria

UNHCR workers find 4-year-old Marwan after the child had been separated from his family while fleeing Syria and was found alone near the Jordanian border. The tot was reunited with his family and is safe in Jordan.


Due to recent tragic events in The United States people have been impacted  with the pain of seeing senseless loss of lives,  and survivors suffering terrible injuries.  A lot of people are stressing out over the explosions  in Boston and it is understandable that  they are living in fear for themselves and their families.

But what we know is that we are more helpful when we ourselves are able to feel inner peace in our hearts and minds, so we want to help you “create a sacred space for you where you can find peace within yourself.”


Let’s begin by closing your eyes, take a slow healing breath in and gently exhale.

Take another slow healing breath in and fill your mind and body with healing  oxygen and feel your body beginning to relax

Take another slow healing breath and fill your mind and body with love and light and as you exhale, let go of all your worries and your fears.

Now place your hand over your heart center and gently tap and  feel your mind connecting with your heart, in this moment create  peace in your body and know that when you are peaceful, you are creating peace in the world around you.

Continue tapping over your heart center and feel love for yourself and know that when you love yourself,  you are radiating love all around you.

Continue tapping gently over your heart center and fill your heart with gratitude for this sacred space that we have created together.

Now continue tapping and say what I say:  (You can substitute the word Universe for the word that best reflects your beliefs, the God of your understanding)

Thank you Universe for this sacred moment!

Thank you Universe for the peace that I am feeling in my heart right now!

Thank you Universe for the love that I am feeling in my heart right now!

Thank you Universe because I am able to send love, peace and light  to all the people who  are in need right now

Thank you Universe because I know that I am Infinite Love

Thank you Universe because I am peace

Thank you Universe because I am peaceful and there is peace all around me

Thank you Universe because there is peace all around me!

And so it is.

Thank you for creating this sacred space for peace with me.  Come back and repeat it every time you need inner peace.

Remember that when you are peaceful, calm and balanced, you influence the world in a positive way.

Now I would like to hear your opinions….

What events in your life are causing your distress?

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  • Edith Howell,  EFT MindandBody Expert Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT, plus I am adding my gift of intuition and all the lessons learned the hard way while dealing with a devastating incurable disease. I healed myself with EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques and now I help others to clear their emotional pain and their traumatic childhood so they can heal their heart and their lives, learn to love themselves unconditionally, have joy, peace and feel happy to be alive!

P.S.  As always thanks for reading, contributing your opinions and your experiences.  If you liked this article please share in your  social media.



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