What is Blocking You From the Pure Love that You Are?

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Hi Everybody:

Sometimes I reflect on the great lessons I learned from being sick with an incurable disease for over 14 years.  It really did not matter how many different doctors and treatments I tried, or how many supplements I took or how far I traveled to find the “cure”.  The truth was that nothing ever worked for me. And I did spent thousands and thousands of dollars in my efforts to get better, to feel better so I could function as a mother to 3 young children, and do the work that was important for me at the time.

But the truth is, that it was not until I learned that I had to go deep within me and face my own unresolved negative issues, my own limiting beliefs, my religious programming about healing and success in life, childhood tragedies, trauma  and more yummy stuff like that, that I began to heal.  I also learned that the sicker and more fearful I was, the more disconnected I was from my true essence. I have to confess that I was completely out of alignment with whom I was supposed to be. We have taught in our letters, that at your core, you are pure love, you really are pure love.  But when you have been programmed during your childhood with fears, feelings of worthlessness, doubts about your own value and your place in the world, you create this disconnection between you and your true essence. The greater the disconnection, the more desperation and heartbreak you suffer.

What we have learned from my experience, and the history of my clients, is that by accepting your biggest problems, instead of fighting them you put yourself on the path to healing.  It did take great detective work from our part  to find those core issues, address them and eliminate them, but it is all worth it. Now I live in a constant state of gratitude and love for myself and that is what I teach my clients.

So in order to reconnect with your true essence, the pure love that you are, you need to have the courage to face and heal  all your unresolved negative issues, your anger, your lack of love, your sadness, your resentments or whatever it is that is blocking you from experiencing “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR YOURSELF”

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What is blocking you from the pure love that YOU truly are?

What do you most want to change today?

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Much love, and take care of yourself,

Edith Howell,  EFT Practitioner, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT Tapping Therapy.





  1. Rima

    How to unlearn past conditioning and learn to love myself unconditionally? I have been loved conditionally, by my parents, “to the condition that I did well at school”, I was not a beautiful girl, so I had to prove something for them, that I was intelligent instead. but as I was not always the first, sometimes the second, there was always some other girl who was more beautiful and more intelligent than me (“had better grades than me”), I grew with this feeling of not deserving love. and now, I hate conditions, but I cannot love myself either, I did never learn to. What blocks me from that? I find no “reason” to love myself (no condition!). Of course there are issues, one of these is the situation described above, but there should be other issues I cannot find for the moment.
    I cannot figure out what you are talking about when you say “reconnect with your true essence”. but as long as I have blocks from pure love (and they are not cleared), I cannot really see that!! I keep tapping to clear those blocks, but I guess the process is still very long to reach the light.

  2. Hi Rima:
    When we are stuck with our old painful stories and trauma from the past, we don’t let the pure love that we are inside shine. EFT properly applied can help you to release the emotional pain so you can feel confident, happy and worthy.
    I am a Certified EFT Mindandbody Coach, and I can help you to dig deep to find all those issues and blocks to love.,happiness and success. We will address them and clear them with EFT.
    Send me an e-mail if you would like to work with me.

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