“Make 2015 Your Breakthrough Year”

geese in the park

Hello Everybody:

Happy New Year! What a wonderful opportunity to remind you that you are a beautiful expression of love and that at your core you are pure love. May you allow yourself to fully activate this love in your mindandbody and from this place of love, be open to receive the gifts 2015 is bringing you.

For the next 365 days wake up with a positive expectation about your day…

Cultivate a grateful attitude for life, beginning with your thoughts, and feel the energy of gratitude in your heart!
Love the fact that you are alive!
Enjoy every single breath that you take!
Love and be grateful for your beautiful body, whether you are fat, or thin, tall or short, healthy or sick…
Love all of you!
Love your children, and your pets and feel the energy of love in your heart!
Think about what makes you happy…feel the energy of joy in your whole mindandbody!

Above all, live each day with unconditional love, acceptance and respect for yourself!

We are here to support you in your growth and transformational healing so 2015 can be your breakthrough  year!

Much love,

Patrick and Edith Howell, EFT MindandBody Transformational Coaches, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT.    EFT Tapping Therapy-Emotional Freedom Techniques.


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