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“How The Correct Application of EFT Helped Sofia Heal Her Childhood Abuse”

Hello, EFT MindandBody Community:¬† Thank you all for being here! * Warning, the case history¬† that I am presenting to you today, is not for everybody since it contains delicate information dealing with a child being sexually abused by her father. Please use your own judgement and discretion. ‘HOW THE CORRECT APPLICATION OF EFT HELPED …

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“Using EFT To Help Walter Expand His Business And Get New Clients” Part 2

By Patrick Howell, EFT Cert-1 Hi Everybody! EFT Helps Certified Fitness Trainer to Expand his Comfort Zone Part Two http://www.eftuniverse.com/personal-performance/eft-helps-certified-trainer-to-expand-his-comfort-zone-part-two As promised last week, here is part 2 of how EFT helped Fitness Trainer Expand his Comfort Zone and the success of his business! This Case History was published by EFT Universe and this is …

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