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“Are You Suicidal or Afraid of Being Beaten Up?”

Hi EFT MindandBody Community: “Are You Suicidal or  Afraid of Being Beaten Up?” What a question!   Are you living in the middle of violence? Sometimes when you live in a violent environment – whether as a young kid, a teenager or an abused wife or husband- you are constantly surrounded by physical,  sexual, verbal or  …

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“How The Correct Application of EFT Helped Sofia Heal Her Childhood Abuse”

Hello, EFT MindandBody Community:  Thank you all for being here! * Warning, the case history  that I am presenting to you today, is not for everybody since it contains delicate information dealing with a child being sexually abused by her father. Please use your own judgement and discretion. ‘HOW THE CORRECT APPLICATION OF EFT HELPED …

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