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“Do YOU Have the Courage to Speak Up like Malala?”

Dear EFT Mind and Body  Community: Have you been inspired by the young heroes and heroines walking among us?  One such heroine is Malala Yousafzai.  But why is Malala so special? She is 16 years old and she has already been nominated for the  Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is from Pakistan and she has been fighting …

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“EFT Helps Certified Fitness Trainer to Expand His Comfort Zone” Part 1

Hi Everybody: http://www.eftuniverse.com/personal-performance/eft-helps-certified-fitness-trainer-to-expand-his-comfort-zone-part-one Do you ever wish you could be more outgoing?  Do you ever wish you could be more comfortable with yourself so you can achieve the success that you so desire? Do you think  that the negative beliefs you have about your self-image can affect the way you do business and the way …

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