“EFT Helps Certified Fitness Trainer to Expand His Comfort Zone” Part 1

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Do you ever wish you could be more outgoing?  Do you ever wish you could be more comfortable with yourself so you can achieve the success that you so desire? Do you think  that the negative beliefs you have about your self-image can affect the way you do business and the way you live your life?

Today we want to show you an actual case history about a young fitness trainer who is struggling with his business and as you read, please pay attention to the fact that  when you are ready to heal your life,  “THE IMPORTANCE AND THE UNIQUENESS OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL STORY”  is fundamental to your healing and success! click here to read article:  https://eftmindandbody.com/2013/09/19/the-uniqueness-of-your-own-personal-story/

This Case History was published by EFT Universe and this is what they had to say about it:


“Patrick Howell helped his client  release a long-standing fear of rejection and expand his business with EFT”

Here is Walter’s story:

My client “Walter” is a certified fitness trainer. He wants to be able to get his fitness business off the ground. He also desires to be more outgoing and to be able to step out of his comfort zone.  He feels that he’ just complacent  and does not do anything to change or move forward.

I have been observing Walter’s body language. He tends not to look you in the eye and he speaks in a very quiet voice. He obviously practices what he teaches, as he has spent a lot of time and effort to get a very powerful physique. He looks like he belongs on the cover of fitness magazines. He has already achieved a “fit body”, so I wonder what is missing to make his life perfect.

I begin by asking Walter how he feels about his training abilities. He is very confident that he can teach  people what they need in order to get fit, how to use the equipment properly, the right nutrition for them, and everything that is involved in helping people to get fit and healthier. He acknowledges that he is a great motivator, and he follows up with his client’s progress.

I want to find out what is keeping him from getting clients, so I ask him:
What happens when you try to be more outgoing? Walter said that in his business, it is vital that he feels comfortable approaching a potential client at the gym, but that every time  he tries to talk to someone he feels afraid and becomes anxious.  I said to him: When was the first time that you remember feeling the same way?  “Walter” said that when he was a kid, he was never the first one to raise his hand, but he could not find a specific event.  He said that in his life, he has never been able to speak up as he should, I asked him  to give me an example when he was not able to speak up.

“Walter” said that one day at the gym, they had an important meeting, their boss asked a question, but nobody knew the answer, except for him, but he was anxious, and he could not speak up. At this time his anxiety was an 8, on the SUDS scale, I asked him: What does this anxiety mean for you?
Walter said that it was enough to hold him back. I wanted to know if he was experiencing any physical sensations right now, and he said that he felt this blood flow in his chest and it was also an 8.
I usually like to start my session with the constrictive breathing technique,as most people report being able to breathe easier and they feel more relaxed.
“Walter said, that he was breathing at an 8 – 9 level. We tapped:

Even though I might have this constrictive breathing problem, and maybe I cannot breathe freely, just as I cannot speak freely, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

When we were done “Walter” said that he could actually feel he could breathe easier. Then we began tapping:

Even though I was so afraid to speak up at the meeting, I was the only one who knew the answer, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself for not having the courage to speak up

Even though this meeting at the gym reminds me of when I was a kid, I was never the first one to raise my hand, I probably never raised my hand at all, I was too afraid to say the wrong words, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway

Even though I was so afraid to speak up at the meeting, just like I was afraid to answer and participate at school, what if my answer gets the teacher mad at me? What if the other kids make fun of me? I deeply and completely love and accept myself and maybe I can allow myself to relax just a little bit.

When we were done, “Walter” said that his anxiety was down to a 5, but the blood flow in his chest was probably a 6. I asked him if anything came up during the tapping. Walter remembered  that his mom is also afraid to approach people. I noticed that his voice sounded a little stronger and he was making eye contact. I asked Walter to close his eyes and imagine that he is at the gym and  wants to approach a potential client.  His anxiety went back to an 8.
Here are some EFT Phrases we used:

Even though I learned from my mother, we are so similar, we are both afraid to talk to people, I deeply and completely ….

Even though I am just like my mom, she is the best trainer in the world, she taught me how to be afraid when I am trying to talk to people, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and maybe I can change, I don’t need to be like my mom, it hasn’t helped her so far, and it doesn’t help me at all in my business.

When we were done, Walter said that he remembered that his mom always  said to him, don’t talk to strangers, men are bad, you will stay safe if you don’t talk to them,  so we tapped:

Even though my mom said: “don’t talk to strangers,  if you want to be safe stay away from men,” no wonder I always feel scared when approaching men and women at the gym, but I am O.K. now and I deeply and….

Even though this anxiety is holding me back, just like my mother has always held me back, I know that  I am not a kid anymore, I am a grown man, just look at me, I have these big and powerful muscles to take care of myself and I accept myself no matter what

When we stopped, Walter’s anxiety was a zero and he did not have a blood flow in his chest, I wanted to verify the truth of what he said, so I grabbed a chair and pretended that I was exercising, I told him to walk to the other side of the room and approach me as if I was a potential client.

Walter walked to me and said he could teach me some routines that would really benefit me, I looked at him and told him, leave me alone, don’t you see I am busy here. He said that he knew a way to make that exercise more effective, I turned to him and yelled : who do you think you are? you are just a kid and you want to teach me!

Walter’s anxiety went up from a zero to a 5, I asked him, why do you think your anxiety went up?
He said he felt anxious about the awkwardness of the situation, who was he after all , trying to talk to a person at the gym
We tapped:
Even though I feel so awkward approaching people at the gym, they are going to reject me, I am coming out of nowhere, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I am afraid they will reject me, what if they say no, they don’t want to be bothered, who am I to approach them, I accept myself, and I accept the fact that I have this problem

Even though I am making too many assumptions and I can read people’s minds, I already know in advance, they are going to say No, Leave me alone, Get lost, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I am allowing myself to clear my anxiety so that next time I want to offer my expertise to a client, I will feel confident

We stopped after every round to test his anxiety about approaching clients, until he reported that he did not feel any anxiety and he did not have the blood flow sensation in his chest.

I made him walk to the other side of the room, while I pretended I was exercising at the gym. I saw Walter approach me with more determination and when he talked to me, his voice sounded more powerful; of course, I rejected him again and told him to leave me alone, I came to the gym to exercise, not to waste my time talking to him.

This time Walter said: “I know how to design a program just for your specific needs, it will be fun,  and every session will challenge  you in different ways so you can really benefit from your time at the gym, and I will be over there when you want to talk to me.”

I was really happy to see Walter’s response. He left the door open, in spite that I was rude to him.

Walter reported that it was true that he made too many assumptions, he had already rejected himself, even before he approached the potential client. He felt more relaxed, and the idea of talking to people did not scare him anymore.

Walter said; “if they reject me, I will just move on to the next one,  they might not be serious about their fitness and health, at this time. I’m focusing my attention on the client who is really serious about his training.

Of course, Walter’s real test will be when he goes back to the gym and approaches a prospective client.

I gave Walter some EFT homework and scheduled his second session for the following week. As this article is getting a bit lengthy I will finish up with what happened to Walter in part two. It is  exciting to see what transformations occur after just 2 sessions.

Best regards,

If you are ready to change and transform your life: click here: https://eftmindandbody.com/services/
Patrick Howell,  EFT Practitioner Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator and Developer of EFT

I Work with people in business  who are struggling with obsessive thoughts about past mistakes, injuries and fears of not performing at levels they know they are capable of. I help  them to eliminate self defeating brain chatter and expand their comfort zones. As a result of reducing their anxiety and fears my clients can relax, focus and achieve their goals. And the icing on the cake is that what was once a chore becomes a pleasure.

Now I would like to hear from you:

Have you ever struggled  to get your business going or get the job that you really want?

Do you have fears or negative beliefs about yourself that are blocking you  from having a successful life?

Leave a comment on my blog and tell us your story, including  the biggest insight you learned from this article.

Look forward  to seeing you there.  Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.



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