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“Mothers, Have You Learned to Love Yourselves Unconditionally?”

Happy Mothers’ Day! “Mothers”, Have You Learned to Love Yourselves Unconditionally?” (The truth is that these articles benefit everyone who wants to learn to love themselves unconditionally) As mothers, we have the sacred role of loving our children unconditionally, to protect  and nurture them, so their little hearts are filled with the energy of love, …

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“How The Correct Application of EFT Helped Sofia Heal Her Childhood Abuse”

Hello, EFT MindandBody Community:  Thank you all for being here! * Warning, the case history  that I am presenting to you today, is not for everybody since it contains delicate information dealing with a child being sexually abused by her father. Please use your own judgement and discretion. ‘HOW THE CORRECT APPLICATION OF EFT HELPED …

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