“Mothers, Have You Learned to Love Yourselves Unconditionally?”

Happy Mothers’ Day!

“Mothers”, Have You Learned to Love Yourselves Unconditionally?”

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(The truth is that these articles benefit everyone who wants to learn to love themselves unconditionally)

As mothers, we have the sacred role of loving our children unconditionally, to protect  and nurture them, so their little hearts are filled with the energy of love, love for themselves first, and then  love that radiates out to others. When little children don’t get their hearts filled with love, they grow up feeling diminished and worthless and as they become adults they don’t know how to take care of their own emotional and physical needs, because nobody taught them that they matter and that they deserve love and respect.

If you are one of those children that grew up with emptiness in your heart,  you now have the responsibility to fill your heart with unconditional love for yourself.


  • A very important step is to have the courage and the willingness to heal your childhood trauma and fears with EFT.  Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Usually our feelings of worthlessness stem back all the way to our childhood experiences and our perceptions of the way we were treated.
  • You also require the vulnerability to admit to yourself that you need help and that you cannot do it alone anymore.
  • Last mother’s day, we provided you with a list of practical steps to help you in your path towards “Loving Yourself Unconditionally.” And we believe that that article is “timeless and so valuable” if you apply it in your own life.

Now ask yourself, how many of those practical steps did I apply in my personal life?

Your answer might surprise you,  you might have been excited the first day or two, and then you stopped practicing “self-love.”

Here is the link again to our article:  https://eftmindandbody.com/2013/05/14/are-you-celebrating-mothers-day-each-day-of-your-life/

If this article is new to you, enjoy implementing these suggestions because they are really taking you to that special place where you truly and unconditionally love yourself.

You can start by just implementing one step, and go little by little, until practicing self-love becomes a habit for you. Having the courage and the willingness to use EFT to clear your fear and  trauma of your life and practicing “unconditional love for yourself” will change you deeply.

If you are ready to change and transform your life, click here: https://eftmindandbody.com/services/

So my questions for you today are:

  • Which one of these suggestions do you plan to implement in your own life?
  • How do you show yourself that you love yourself unconditionally?
  • What is blocking you from really taking care of yourself?

Thanks for reading our article  “Mothers, Have You Learned to Love Yourselves Unconditionally?”

Much love, and take care of yourself,



  • Edith Howell,  EFT Practitioner, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator and Developer of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

P.S.  As always thanks for reading, contributing your opinions  and sharing in social media.



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