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“Are You Showing Appreciation?”

Hi Everybody: It is Thanksgiving Day in The United States! But we are sending you our best wishes all around the world, wherever you are. What an amazing opportunity to give our love and appreciation back to others with kind words and actions.  We have talked about gratitude before and how it impacts your healing.  …

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“Are You Listening to The Messages From Your Body in Work Situations?”

Are you listening to the messages from your body in work situations or in any given situation? Here is the truth… Did you know that your body is constantly sending you messages?   The problem is that most of us have led hectic lives that disconnect us from our hearts and our intuition, or we have …

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  “EFT to Help YOU Cultivate an Appreciative Attitude”       Why do we need to maintain an appreciative attitude? Imagine for a moment…. You know someone  who expressed a loving concern for you in the past, someone who went out of his way to help you.  Imagine now that you are writing a …

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