“Are You Listening to The Messages From Your Body in Work Situations?”

Are you listening to the messages from your body in work situations or in any given situation?

Here is the truth… Did you know that your body is constantly sending you messages?   The problem is that most of us have led hectic lives that disconnect us from our hearts and our intuition, or we have been beaten down in such a way that we do not listen to these messages.

Other factors that could be stopping us from living a heart-centered life are our culture, or the programming that we received in early childhood and our own limiting beliefs about our roles in life.

And Gentlemen, please hear me out.  Your body and  your heart are  sending you messages all the time too, but are you willing to listen to them?

Is it  possible that  you are  still believing than only women are supposed to listen to their intuition?

For example, every day when you are getting ready for work,  what do you feel?

  • Happy anticipation because you love your job and you feel comfortable with the people around you?
  • Or are  you experiencing sheer torture and a sinking feeling in your heart?

If you ignore the first message, you are still o.k.  After all,  you  enjoy going to work , you probably feel inspired and motivated to really perform.  However, even in positive situations, we should celebrate why we are happy and that we are receiving recognition for our contributions. Celebrations for the gifts – big and small-  that we receive should be one important ritual in our lives.

But, just imagine if you ignore the second message…What would happen to you if you do that?  Well, what could really happen is  that you might not look for opportunities to change the situation.  And the longer, you keep ignoring your body’s message, the harder it might be for you to believe that you have options and possibilities.

And as we tolerate situations like this one, something happens to our self-respect.  What this all means is that we begin to disrespect ourselves  more each day.  And guess what?  Our bosses notice our vibrations, because our hearts and  bodies are broadcasting to the universe that we don’t feel good about ourselves. And that’s when the abuse begins. Haven’t you noticed that you are working harder , getting more done and yet it is never enough. Your boss expects more and more and appreciates what you do less and less. And this will never change until you do. You have to become aware of what your body is telling you. Listen. It is obvious that you are not happy. If you don’t have self-worth your boss will more than likely take advantage of you and abuse you in many different ways.  And if there isn’t some action on your part don’t even think it is going to get better .


  • First acknowledge how  your body is reacting to some situations.   For example, with our imaginary job situation, or any other uncomfortable situation,  do you feel happy about going to work? or do you dread the mere thought of it?
  • Where in your body, do you feel “the dread” or whatever negative emotion,  the situation you are facing makes you feel?
  • Do you feel like someone “punched  you in the stomach?”
  • Do you experience shortness of breath or any other physical discomfort?
  • Are you experiencing sadness, depression or frustration every time you are going to face “your specific situation”?
  • What steps can you take to change your situation?
  • What can you do to recover your  self-respect?
  • What can you do to increase your self-esteem?

We hope that this article helps you to become more aware of the messages that your body and your heart are sending you in all kinds of situations.  Listen to these messages, because it is your body’s way of keeping you healthy and happy.

So what do you think…?

What is the greatest thing that you are taking from our article today?

Please share your comment below because it inspires others in our community.

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Much love, and take care of yourself,

Edith Howell,  EFT Mindandbody Expert, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT


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