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“Are You Listening to The Messages From Your Body in Work Situations?”

Are you listening to the messages from your body in work situations or in any given situation? Here is the truth… Did you know that your body is constantly sending you messages?   The problem is that most of us have led hectic lives that disconnect us from our hearts and our intuition, or we have …

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“How You Can Use EFT to Reduce Work Anxiety”

Dear Friend:               Are you like most people that dread the end of their weekend?  Does your energy begin to go down Sunday Night with the sheer anticipation that Monday morning you have to go back to work? And as Monday arises-  just thinking that you may be spending …

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Hi Everyone: As you talk to your friends,  you  realize that a lot of people are going through a lot of difficulties in life,  some of them have lost their jobs,  others are very sick or have trouble with their relationships.  What about you?    How are you feeling?  Are you also stuck in the …

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