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As you talk to your friends,  you  realize that a lot of people are going through a lot of difficulties in lifesome of them have lost their jobs,  others are very sick or have trouble with their relationships.  What about you?    How are you feeling?  Are you also stuck in the energy of desperation, overwhelm and despair?  Is it possible for you to change and feel better?

If you are reading this article,  you are probably already familiar with EFT and are  aware that EFT,  Emotional Freedom Techniques, created by Gary Craig,  is very effective in clearing emotional pain, limiting beliefs, the distress of traumatic events and a lot more issues.

We  want to invite you to begin clearing your overwhelm with the following EFT ExerciseTry it and let us know how it helped you to feel more peaceful and calm.

Note:  These videos and tapping scripts are generic in nature and not reflective of an actual EFT session with us.  Our sessions are specifically designed for YOU, Your special Needs, Circumstances and Specific Events in Your Life.  We help you neutralize the destructive emotions of anger, grief, self-doubt, fear, nervousness, lack of confidence, emotional pain or any other negative emotion, trauma  or memory that robs you of  your joy.  Then you are imprinted with positive beliefs and emotions for permanent change and well-being.  If you agree to follow this EFT Round,  you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your own well-being.  Further, these EFT phrases might trigger your own memories and emotions, write them down and then do EFT focusing on them, until you do not feel an emotional intensity.  You  deserve peace, so keep tapping.


EFT to Help You Overcome Overwhelm and Despair

Note: If you agree to follow this EFT Round, You are agreeing to take full  responsibility for your own well-being!


TAP on the side of either hand (karate chop point) or on your favorite energy point  (7-10 times) and say:

I have the intention to clear my feelings of overwhelm and despair. I choose to feel better.

I intend to feel peaceful, relaxed and balanced!

Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale of 0-10 (SUDS Rating- Subjective Units of Distress)

10 meaning – your highest intensity  (I feel terrible)

0 meaning – no intensity at all   (I feel happy)   Drink water, remove cell and jewelry

Remember that these EFT Phrases will trigger your own memories and emotions, write them down and then do EFT focusing on  them, until  you do not feel an emotional intensity.  You deserve peace. So keep tapping, keep tapping.

While rubbing the sore spot on your chest or tapping the karate chop point of either hand (7-10 times) repeat the following phrases aloud:


Even though I am feeling so desperate, I feel that I am stuck in this pain, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway

Even though I am feeling so overwhelmed with my problems, I am going through  (Fill in the blank with your specific problem)_________________________________________________

There is no way that I can handle this situation,   it is bigger than myself,  What am I am going to do?   I deeply and completely accept myself and I accept that I am having this conflict

Even though I am feeling intimidated by (fill in the blank again with your specific problem)_______________________and  I dread having to face it, there is really no joy in my life, I do not have anything good to look forward to, but I have decided to love and respect myself no matter what,  and maybe I can relax a little bit and make some room for peace and hope!

Even though I am so overwhelmed by my own feelings of despair and I feel backed  into a corner with no way out,  I am wondering if I might be able to change my outlook on life.  What if I could see that there are indeed many possibilities for me?      I am giving myself permission to find out

Now tap on the following energy points while repeating your negative reminder phrases:  (if possible tap on both sides of the face and body)  (Use 3 or 4 fingers of one hand to tap on the energy points)

Crown of head: I am stuck in my own feelings of desperation

Beginning of eyebrow:  I am feeling overwhelmed with __________________________________________________

Side of eye:  I cannot handle this,  it is too much for me!

Under eye:  I am dreading having to face my problems!

Under nose:  I am feeling intimidated by the depth of my emotions!

Chin:  I don’t have anything good to look forward to

Collarbone:  I am so overwhelmed by my own feelings of despair

Under arm: I feel backed into a corner with no way out!

Crown of head:  I am wondering if I might be able to change my outlook on life?

Take a slow healing breath in and out and release your feelings of overwhelm.  Release them from your mind and body!

How do you feel?

Rate your intensity level on a scale of 0-10,  do several rounds until your intensity is down to ZERO.

Now tap Reframing and Positive Choices on each of the following energy points:

Crown of head:  I am allowing myself to clear these feelings of despair!

Beginning of eyebrow:  What if I could feel  enthusiasm and peace  instead?

Side of eye:  Why is it getting easier to believe that I have the strength and the courage to face this situation?

Under eye:  I am feeling hope rise within me

Under nose:  I am giving myself permission to feel confident, powerful and peaceful!

Chin:  I am waking up excited about the day ahead of me!

CollarboneYes, I am a creator and I a m creating new goals and opportunities for me!

Under armIt is getting easier and easier for me to feel better and move forward!

Crown of head:  I am finally recognizing all the opportunities for success, health and happiness around me and I am acting in harmony with my new perception!

Take a slow healing breath in and out and allow your mind and body to relax!

Gratitude Process

Make your hand into a fist and tap on the middle of your chest (your heart center)  while repeating aloud:

I am grateful for my wonderful mind and body!

I am grateful because I am feeling calm and peaceful!

I appreciate my new serenity!

I choose to feel grateful because it helps me to feel good!

I am allowing myself to infuse my mind and body with the healing energy of appreciation!

I am feeling really grateful for all the prosperity in my life!

I am grateful because I recognize that my body was created with the ability of healing itself!

I really appreciate that now I am centered and I can see and take advantage of all the good opportunities all around me!

I am grateful because I am a money magnet

I am grateful because I am a love magnet

I am grateful because I am surrounded by positive people

I am grateful because I know that I already have everything that I need to be happy, healthy and successful!

***On a personal note:  We appreciate Gary Craig,  He is the Creator and Developer of EFT.  Thanks to him, we are feeling better and freer at many levels,   and feeling better and freer  is also possible for you.

Take care,

  • Edith Howell,  EFT Practitioner, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT, plus I am adding my gift of intuition and all the lessons learned the hard way while dealing with a devastating incurable disease.

  • I specialize in working with  people who are suffering the devastating  effects of CFS/CFIDS/M.E.  and a   TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD.   I help them  clear their emotional pain  and trauma  so they can heal their heart and their body,  learn to love themselves unconditionally,  have more energy,  joy and peace and be fully alive!


P.S.  As always thanks for reading, contributing your opinions and your experiences.  If you liked this article please share in your  social media.

P.S. S. If you are sick and tired of suffering overwhelm and despair and you are ready to change, transform and invest in yourself, you can apply for a Free EFT MindandBody Enrollment Conversation

   (PLEASE: allow 48 hours for our response. Thank you)

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