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“EFT – To Clear Resistance To Healing” (also for CFS/M.E.)

Dear EFT MindandBody Community:   If you or someone you know have been suffering a long standing illness, or problem like CFS/M.E. and you have tried so many different treatments to feel better and nothing seems to help, you can choose to follow this EFT Exercise to help you clear your resistance to healing.  You …

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“EFT To Love Myself”

        Gary Craig taught us the power of the acceptance phrase in EFT: “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” and as we start our healing journey with EFT, we recognize that some of us have a difficult time saying:  “I Love Myself.”  This might come from beliefs we learned when …

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“The Transformational Power of EFT and Gratitude”

    “The Transformational Power of EFT and Gratitude”         A French Proverb says:  “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”  and we have found that “gratitude” is an important part in your healing.  Therefore, we usually suggest to clients to spend a few minutes a day writing a ” Gratitude Journal” because there is …

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