“The Transformational Power of EFT and Gratitude”


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“The Transformational Power of EFT and Gratitude”   



 A French Proverb says:  “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”  and we have found that “gratitude” is an important part in your healing.  Therefore, we usually suggest to clients to spend a few minutes a day writing a ” Gratitude Journal” because there is a connection between the heart and positive emotions such as gratitude, love and peace.                                                                                                                   

Interestingly,  The Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, reported in their spring 2000 issue that in a study, researches divided volunteers into three groups. 

  • The first group kept a daily log of 5 complaints
  • The second group wrote down a daily list of 5 things they were better at/did better than their peers
  • The third group kept a daily log of 5 things they were grateful for.

After three weeks, those who kept the gratitude journal reported increased energy, less health complaints, and greater feelings of overall well-being as compared to the participants in the other two groups.

Remember also that there is a constant interaction between your mind and body  all day long, so when you focus on joyful thoughts it brings peace to your heart.  This is a lot of fun because  you are sending a positive message to the universe, the universe then responds to you and multiplies your joy, your appreciation, your love!

How do you concentrate on joyful thoughts?

  • Think about what makes you happy
  • Your pet
  • Your favorite music
  • Your favorite book
  • Your favorite sport
  • Your favorite dance
  • Your favorite flower
  • The coffee or tea that you drink early in the morning
  • Going to the gym
  •  Your best friend
  • Your partner
  • The special moment that you use to enter into your inner stillness, your deeper essence

Is there something else that you have found effective that helps you feel happier? Please share it with all of us here.

What does EFT have to do with Gratitude?

We use EFT to tune into specific issues while tapping on certain meridian or energy points on the body and it seems that it balances the disturbances of your system.  This focused tapping allows you to anchor these emotions of gratitude and appreciation in your heart and body.      We love to tap our Gratitude Phrases on the heart center because it brings us into our heart, but you could simply tap on your favorite energy point, or all over the energy points like a regular round of tapping.

To do your Gratitude Phrases, just describe how you want your body  to feel,  what you want to accomplish in your life, the goals you want to achieve,  you can mention the people or events that mean a lot to you right  now or the wonderful things you already have in your life.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Furthermore, when you  focus on feeling “Gratitude” you  infuse your mind and body with joy and happiness.  Your frequencies will raise to higher levels and it will be easier for you to attract what you have been desiring,  more things to be grateful for.

So Let’s get you started:

“Gratitude Process”

Put your hand on the middle of your chest (your heart center) and tap while repeating aloud:

I am thankful for my wonderful mind and body

I am grateful because I have the courage to change

I am grateful because I am feeling safe stepping out of my comfort zone

I am grateful because it helps me to feel better and better

I am allowing myself to infuse my mind and body with the healing energy of love and appreciation  

I am grateful because I am healing                                                                

I am grateful because I am more energetic

I am grateful because I have inner peace

I appreciate the gentle breeze on my face during a hot day

I am grateful because I know that I am more than good enough

I am grateful because I know that I am worth it

I am grateful because I respect myself

I am grateful because I am fit and healthy

I am grateful because I am a love magnet

I am grateful because I am a money magnet

I am grateful because the universe loves me!

I am grateful because I am open and receptive to receiving amazing  gifts from the universe

I am grateful because I love myself

Now is your turn: (Fill in the blank)

I am grateful because…

I am grateful because…

I appreciate that…

I am thankful because…

I am grateful because…

My questions for you today are:

How have you expressed your appreciation and gratitude in the past?

How would your life change if you embraced gratitude today?

What is the key to experiencing more joy in your life?

Feel free to share your thoughts  and tips below, we appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for reading our article “The Transformational Power of EFT and Gratitude”

Much love,


Edith Howell,  EFT Mindandbody Expert, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques


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  1. Hi, Edith,
    The one thing that helps me to feel more joy in my life is when I give up my JUDGMENTS. OMG, is it hard to do, sometimes.

    I try to look at the world as a child would. Innocent. No words. I just look and notice.

    I find that when I view the world “through the eyes of a child”… meaning… I have no judgments about whatever I’m seeing, I “as is” the world (it is the way it is, and so what?), and everything is cool. My body feels free, light, easy; it’s NOT “EMOTING”; it’s… checking in with me, or I’m checking in with it.

    A pre-verbal (very young) child’s reaction to EVERYTHING (if they had words for it… which they don’t) would be, “Oh, wow. Look at that! Goodness! Never seen THAT before! I wonder what that thing does? Let me taste it.”

    It might also come across as, “OMG, I never expected THIS to happen, but WHAT an EXPERIENCE! Woo HOO!”

    I used to think that “good” judgments were GOOD, but have since changed my mind.

    Interestingly, judging others “positively” can also LIMIT how WE see THEM, and how THEY see THEMSELVES… because specific traits and actions are all subjective.

    I’m short. I could say to someone, “You are so TALL!” Even with admiration in my voice, they could be cringing because they feel like a giant around short people; they think they TOWER above them; they HATE being SO tall. Being tall is subjective… “good” if you are SHORT and want to reach something on the top shelf, and maybe “bad” if you are considerably taller than your peers.

    So the tall person starts bending her head and shoulders, trying to not look so tall. And suddenly, people see her, not as confident, but as wimpy (or whatever).

    When I “make up” what might or might not be so, and have judgments about what might or might not be so (a judgment), I will often have tenseness, anxiety, fear, etc., in my body.

    If I judge someone POSITIVELY… “You are SO smart.” … perhaps it puts lots of pressure on them to “produce” smartness. That suddenly feels ICKY!

    Judgments judge. And have consequences. Just my opinion, of course. Discernment looks at what’s going on and does not judge. With discernment I just determine what is best FOR ME, NOW… and it might change as I change. No one can discern for me; nor can I discern for another. It’s subjective.

    So, is “not judging” the same as gratitude? For ME… it seems to be so. How does it manifest in my body? Clean. Clear. Easy. Confident.

    I’ve used gratitude journals before, and it really works.

  2. Hi Kathryn:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us about what you do to experience more joy in your life. I love your viewing the world through the eyes of a child, because innocent children are filled with wonderment, everything is new and an adventure. I also noticed that you are in touch with your body and the messages it is giving you. Great!

    Unfortunately, we live in a world that is filled with judgment. It is part of life, people have judgments and opinions about everything. Interestingly, we have found that the more work we do with EFT to clear beliefs or energies that no longer serve us, the more understanding, loving and accepting of others we become. It seems that our thought process becomes more “flexible” and we are able to see light in others.

    Much love, Edith Howell


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