“EFT – To Clear Resistance To Healing” (also for CFS/M.E.)


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Dear EFT MindandBody Community:


If you or someone you know have been suffering a long standing illness, or problem like CFS/M.E. and you have tried so many different treatments to feel better and nothing seems to help, you can choose to follow this EFT Exercise to help you clear your resistance to healing.  You probably are aware that your body sent you a lot of “warning messages” and when you did not listen, or you were not able to bring balance to your mindandbody; your system launched a full protection plan in its efforts to keep you safe.

I want you to know how important it is for you to learn to love yourself unconditionally and accept yourself, even if you are feeling sick right now.

As a matter of fact, I am just speaking from my own experience with CFS/M.E.  Because It didn’t matter how many different doctors I saw, or how many different treatments I tried, or how many different supplements I took, or how many medical tests I underwent,   the truth  is that nothing worked for me. I was deeply stuck in this illness for 14 years without any improvement and I was overwhelmed with physical pain, bone-crushing fatigue, and that horrendous feeling that I was dying inside along with and unending list of more devastating and painful symptoms.

The CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL stated regarding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Feelings of anger, guilt, anxiety, isolation an abandonment are common in CFS patients.  While it is normal to have such feelings, unresolved emotions and stress can make symptoms worse, interfere with pharmacological therapies and make recovery harder.  But EFT goes one more step further  to say that the unresolved emotions and stress are the root cause of the symptoms

Are you beginning to see that I didn’t get better until I began addressing and clearing childhood trauma, unresolved negative emotions, limiting beliefs of my own creation, patterns and many more emotional issues?

So if you are suffering chronic pain, or a chronic illness,  and you don’t seem to be able to get better,  you might want to consider seeing your disease from the EFT Theory that your unresolved negative emotions might be contributing to your condition. And please remember that I am not a medical doctor, I am simply speaking about my own personal experience with CFS and what did not work for me and how finally EFT properly applied helped me  to reduce symptoms, in such a way that I could take a more active role in my own life, instead of continuing in a disabling physical state.


TAP: Your favorite energy point 7 TO 10 TIMES AND SAY:



Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale of 0-10 (SUDS RATING-SUBJECTIVE UNITS OF DISTRESS)

10 meaning – your highest intensity ( I feel terrible)

0 meaning – no intensity at all (I feel happy)

Drink water, remove cell and jewelry

(Please note that, we will have to dig deep to find the core issues that are causing you to feel, believe and perceive that you cannot be healthy)

Note:  These videos and tapping scripts are generic in nature and not reflective of an actual EFT session with us.  Our sessions are specifically designed for YOU, Your special Needs, Circumstances and Specific Events in Your Life.  We help you neutralize the destructive emotions of anger, grief, self-doubt, fear, nervousness, lack of confidence, emotional pain or any other negative emotion, trauma  or memory that robs you of  your joy.  Then you are imprinted with positive beliefs and emotions for permanent change and well-being.  If you agree to follow this EFT Round,  you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your own well-being.  Further, these EFT phrases might trigger your own memories and emotions, write them down and then do EFT focusing on them, until you do not feel an emotional intensity.  You  deserve peace, so keep tapping.

While rubbing the sore spot on your chest or tapping the karate chop point of either hand (7 – 10 times) repeat the following phrases aloud:


Even though I might be resisting healing, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I have been sick for so long, I can’t remember feeling healthy, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway

Even though “they” told me I would never get better, I am open to the possibility that I can heal, and I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself

Even though it does not matter what I do, nothing ever works for me, I still accept myself and I forgive myself for believing that nothing can help me

Even though I don’t believe this EFT exercise can help me, I accept myself and I am giving myself permission to heal

Even though I have this habit of “being sick”, I accept myself as I am, and I want to get rid of this old habit. The funny thing about habits, is that you can get rid of them and replace them with healthy habits. I know that every cell in my body knows how to heal itself, my mind and body know how to heal themselves

Even though it is not safe for me to heal, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I recognize that my mind and body were created with the ability to heal themselves and I want to feel safe being healthy and energetic

NOW TAP ON THE FOLLOWING ENERGY POINTS WHILE REPEATING YOUR NEGATIVE REMINDER PHRASES: (if possible tap on both sides of the face and body) (Use 3 or 4 fingers of one hand to tap on the energy points)

Crown of head: I might not be ready to heal

Beginning of eyebrow: I have been sick for so long

Side of eye: I can’t remember feeling healthy

Under eye: “They” told me that I would never get better

Under nose: Nothing ever works for me

Chin: I really don’t believe that EFT can help me

Collarbone: Even doctors could not help me

Under arm: I have this habit of being sick

Crown of head: It is not safe for me to heal

Take a slow healing breath in and out and relax your mind and body!

How do you feel now? Rate your intensity level on a scale of 0-10, do several rounds until your intensity is down to Zero.


Crown of head: I am clearing all my impediments to healing

Beginning of eyebrow: I am sending love to my mind and body, to all my systems,

all my organs, all my muscles, and all my bones

Side of eye: Every cell in my body remembers vibrant health and energy

Under eye: I am believing this EFT exercise works for me

Under nose: I know that healing is possible for me

Chin: My mind and body know how to be healthy and 

Collarbone: It really does not matter what “they” said about my healing

Under arm: What really matters is that I have this habit of enjoying perfect health in

my mind and body and that I truly believe that I can get better

Crown of head: I am feeling safe while I am healing, I accept and receive good health,

love, peace and joy!

Take a slow healing breath in and out and relax your mind and body!



I am thankful for my wonderful mind and body

I am grateful because I am truly believing that I can get better

I am grateful because I really believe that healing is possible for me

I choose to be grateful because it helps me to feel good

I am allowing myself to infuse my mind and body with the healing energy of love and appreciation

I choose to feel really grateful because I know that everything that I try, every supplement and medicine that I take supports me in my healing!

I am grateful because I recognize that my mind and body and all of me were created with the ability to heal and enjoy life!

I am grateful because I know that I deserve a healthy mind and body

I appreciate that now that I embrace gratitude, my mind and body and all my systems heal so easily and effortlessly!

When you have been sick or have suffered chronic pain, or trauma for such a long time, healing by yourself is so difficult. You have blind spots, and you are not able to have clarity on the whole picture of your life. You are overwhelmed by your health challenges, or your business challenges and all your fears, and your limiting beliefs.


I remember a time, when I was talking to my gynecologist. He was so happy because his baby was due soon. I asked him, if he was going to help deliver his own baby. After all, he had helped me deliver my youngest son, and my birthing experience was so much easier because he was gentle and caring. His answer was so sincere when he told me:

You know, I would love to, but I am too emotionally involved, it is my own wife, my own baby.

I just don’t think that I can be objective, and make wise decisions, if an emergency arises.

I prefer to have all the help from my colleagues and be able to be there for my wife as a husband, not as a doctor.  I just couldn’t handle it.”

Reflect on this thoughts, and decide if you can handle your EFT healing alone. We are here for you, if you recognize that you need professional help. https://eftmindandbody.com/services/

And now I would love to read your opinion…

  • How much is it costing you not  being able to reduce the symptoms of your health problems?
  • Have you be  missing out on life because of these issues?
  • Are you losing sleep because of your business problems?

Much love, and take care of yourself,

Edith Howell,  EFT Practitioner, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT


I specialize in working with  people who are suffering the devastating  effects of CFS/CFIDS/M.E.  and a   TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD.   I help them   clear their emotional pain  and trauma  so they can heal their heart and their body,  learn to love themselves unconditionally,  have more energy,  joy and peace and be fully alive!

P.S. As always thanks for sharing in your social media and contributing your opinions, because they inspire other readers who might be going through similar problems in their lives.

P.S.S.  This article is part of our e-book that is available for you as free gift at http://www.eftmindanbody.com

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Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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  1. brian

    THANKS for this…so helpful

    • Brian:

      I am happy that you found this article helpful.

      Edith Howell.


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