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“What is Your biggest Problem that You Want to Resolve?

Hi Everybody: This letter is all about you! As a reader to our EFT MindandBody articles you are clearly interested in eliminating your limiting beliefs and patterns, fears and emotional trauma that block  you from love, being successful, and happy. But you probably agree  that most of us get trapped within the responsibilities of our …

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“EFT Helps Certified Fitness Trainer to Expand His Comfort Zone” Part 1

Hi Everybody: http://www.eftuniverse.com/personal-performance/eft-helps-certified-fitness-trainer-to-expand-his-comfort-zone-part-one Do you ever wish you could be more outgoing?  Do you ever wish you could be more comfortable with yourself so you can achieve the success that you so desire? Do you think  that the negative beliefs you have about your self-image can affect the way you do business and the way …

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              I have been contemplating for some time, writing an EFT article on procrastination, but I simply didn’t get around to do it.  Then, when I finally decided to focus my attention, I sat here looking at the empty page for a long time… Has this ever happened to …

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