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Feel more confident? Feel worthy of love? Better relationships? More success, peace and happiness? I will coach you 1 on 1 with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. I will help you uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your desired results, and  your ability to make changes that last or that are slowing down your progress. …

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“Children Need to be Loved, Protected and Respected”

People come to me because they need help healing their childhood wounds.  Each person is unique,  and their childhood experiences are unique to them.  But as children,  they all  shared one common need,  “The Need to be Loved , Protected and Respected.” As to this date, my clients have not been little children, my clients …

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“The Transformational Power of EFT and Gratitude”

    “The Transformational Power of EFT and Gratitude”         A French Proverb says:  “Gratitude is the heart’s memory”  and we have found that “gratitude” is an important part in your healing.  Therefore, we usually suggest to clients to spend a few minutes a day writing a ” Gratitude Journal” because there is …

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