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“How April Cleared Her Overwhelming Pain with EFT”

“How April Cleared Her Overwhelming Pain with EFT” http://www.eftuniverse.com/pain-management/how-overwhelming-pain-was-cleared-with-eft How Overwhelming Pain was Cleared with EFT. Enjoy this actual case history of one of my clients and as you read this article observe how the story unravels showing you that there is  an irrefutable link between your physical pain and your unresolved trauma and negative …

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“EFT – To Clear Resistance To Healing” (also for CFS/M.E.)

Dear EFT MindandBody Community:   If you or someone you know have been suffering a long standing illness, or problem like CFS/M.E. and you have tried so many different treatments to feel better and nothing seems to help, you can choose to follow this EFT Exercise to help you clear your resistance to healing.  You …

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“How Can EFT Help You Relieve Excruciating Headaches and Neck Pain”

My husband and I went to the beautiful River Walk in San Antonio, Texas for the weekend.  We had a lot of fun with our sons,  while we listened to the live Mexican music that was playing.  The weather was perfect which made our walk more enjoyable, since we don’t like the hot weather that …

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