Programming Your Mind, Body and Spirit for Unconditional Love with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT Tapping Therapy

When “You Love Yourself  Unconditionally”  your whole being is vibrating at a high level, and there is no room for fear, for anxiety, guilt or any other negative emotion that usually weighs down our humanity and contributes to disease.  But you might ask:  “What does it mean to love myself unconditionally?

A dictionary defines the word “Unconditional” as pure, profound, absolute, with no conditions attached.  And “Love”  is the most powerful energy in the universe.  This “Universal Love” is absolute, with no conditions or restrictions attached.

For example, imagine a dark, beautiful night, you look up at the sky and you see the most beautiful stars shining…just for YOU!  At that moment,   You are the recipient of unconditional love,  love without restrictions , the universe loves  you just because you exist.

“What does it Mean to Love Yourself Unconditionally?”

When you appreciate the greatness of your own being and recognize that you have infinite potential and that you came here to express yourself in a unique way, and that you are actually doing it, that is loving yourself unconditionally!

When you deeply and profoundly accept yourself just the way you are, that is loving yourself unconditionally!

When you don’t wait anymore to be perfect in order to love yourself, that  is loving yourself unconditionally!

However our real life stories don’t happen like that.  Some of us come from dysfunctional families and environments that taught us that we are not good enough, we are defective, we don’t measure up to  their expectations, or we felt rejected or abandoned as children. Some children did not feel love or protected at all; some of them felt suppressed and diminished which robbed them of their true essence and they forgot who they really were meant to be on this planet.  Once they became adults, they forgot their mission and the uniqueness of their message.

“What We Know”

What we know and have seen in our EFT Practice is that EFT used properly, can heal your heart,  heal the emotional pain of your childhood,  even in cases of sexual abuse.  When you heal your traumatic past, you are in a much better position to love yourself unconditionally and then love others.  The good news is that it really does not matter how old you are.  Some of our clients are in their 80s, and they appreciate feeling better in their mind, body and soul.

We are in including a basic EFT Round so you can feel inspired to begin your own journey toward unconditional love!

Note: These videos and tapping scripts are generic in nature and not reflective of an actual EFT session with us. Our Sessions are specifically designed for You, Your Special Needs, Circumstances and Specific Events in Your Life. We help you neutralize  the destructive emotions of anger, grief, self-doubt, fear, nervousness, lack of confidence, emotional pain or any other negative emotion or memory that robs you or your joy. Then you are imprinted with positive beliefs and emotions for permanent change and well-being. If you agree to follow this EFT Round, You are agreeing to take full responsibility for your own well-being. Further, These EFT Phrases might trigger your own memories and emotions,  write them down and then do EFT focusing on them, until you do not feel an emotional intensity. You deserve peace.

If you are ready for profound change and transformation click here: https://eftmindandbody.com/services/

Healing can Begin by Loving Yourself Unconditionally”

TAP: Your favorite energy point 7 to 10 times and say:
“I recognize that I am a great being.  I am expressing myself and loving myself unconditionally”

Rate the intensity of your problem on a scale of  0-10 (SUDS  Rating-Subjective Units of Distress)

10 meaning- your highest emotional intensity (I feel terrible)

0 meaning- no intensity at all (I feel happy)  Drink water

While rubbing the sore spot on your chest or tapping the karate chop point of either hand (7-10 times) repeat the following phrases aloud:


Even though I am believing that I am not good enough, and I have a lot of evidence to prove it, (you can mention one specific reason you feel that you are not good enough)___________________________________________________, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway

Even though my relatives said that there was something wrong with me, and I am not good enough as I am, I deeply and completely love and forgive myself for believing those lies

Even though I cannot love myself, I don’t know how, nobody loved me before, I accept that this is true for me

Even though I feel worthless deep inside of me, I will never be able to love myself unconditionally, I know today that I am worthy of love and I choose to love myself without conditions, I don’t have to be perfect to love myself

Now tap on the following energy points while repeating your negative reminder phrases: (If possible tap on both sides of the face and body) (Use 3 or 4 fingers of one hand to tap on the energy points)

Crown of head: I am not good enough because____________________________

Beginning of eyebrow: My relatives said that I was not good enough

Side of eye: They said that there is something wrong with me

Under eye: I am not good enough as I am

Under nose: I don’t know how to love myself

Under mouth: There was never any love for me

Collarbone: I don’t appreciate the greatness of my own being

Under Arm: I feel worthless

Crown of head:  I am not perfect, How can I accept myself?

Take a slow healing breath in and out and release your beliefs that you are not good enough. Release them from your mind, body and soul.

How do you feel?

Rate your emotional intensity level o a scale of 0-10, do several rounds until your intensity is down to Zero.

Now tap Reframing and Positive Choices on each of the energy points:

Crown of head: I know today that I am perfect just the way I am

Beginning of eyebrow:  They were just reflecting to me, how they really felt about themselves

Side of eye: Their beliefs don’t have anything to do with me

Under eye: I am remembering who I am meant to be, I am remembering my mission

Under mouth: I now recognize that I am a magnificent being

Collarbone: I have divine qualities within  me

Under arm: I am LOVE and I am expressing myself in my own unique way!

Crown of head: I am deserving of Loving and Accepting Myself Unconditionally and then others will accept me just the way I am

Take a slow healing breath in and out and relax your mind and body!


Make your hand into a fist and tap on the middle of your chest (your heart center while repeating aloud:

I am grateful for my wonderful mind and body and my soul

I appreciate the greatness of my own being

I am grateful because I recognize my infinite potential

I am grateful because I know that I came here to express myself in my own unique way and I am doing it!

I am grateful because I am fulfilling my own unique mission!

I am grateful because I am true to myself

I am grateful because I am healing myself and I am loving myself unconditionally!

We believe that when you clear emotional pain or blocks with EFT, You have the responsibility to take action. So please share below:

What are you going to do every day to support your choice of “Loving Yourself Unconditionally?”

What are you doing to explore your infinite potential?

Are you in alignment with your mission?

What is the unique way that you chose to express yourself in this world?


Edith Howell,  EFT MindandBody Expert Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT, plus I am adding my gift of intuition and all the lessons learned the hard way while dealing with a devastating incurable disease. I healed myself with EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques and now I help others to clear their emotional pain and their traumatic childhood so they can heal their heart and their lives, learn to love themselves unconditionally, have joy, peace and feel happy to be alive!

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