Just picture this,  how do you feel each morning  when you are getting ready for your day ahead?  Now, let me ask you some personal questions…

Are you eagerly anticipating going to work, or going to school or whatever activity you have chosen for today?

As you see yourself doing all of that, what are the feelings in your heart?  Are you listening to it?  Does your heart feel heavy?  Does your heart feel full of joy?  What are you thinking?  See your face,  how does it look?  Are you putting your false face on?  The one you use because you don’t want others to see how afraid you are?

You probably have heard that there are two fundamental energies in life.  LOVE and FEAR.

Fear is part of our emotional behavior.  We usually feel fear when we feel threatened,  so in a way fear is there to protect us,  but when we live in a fight or flight mode, then fear becomes a block to healing.  Fear will  also block the expansion of your consciousness.

It is not your fault, if fear is a part of you.  When we are little children, we are like little sponges and we absorb these negative emotions into our subconscious mind and bodies,  so in a way we are a product of our own environment.

For example, an increasing number of studies have shown a link between childhood stress and adult health challenges.  As a matter of fact, I believe that you are affected by that stress even when you are in your mother’s womb.  I  believe that you are also affected by the emotions of  both your parents and whatever trials they were going through during the time of the pregnancy.  What if your mother keeps telling you horror stories about your childhood.?   Stories that you  were not even aware of,  but she keeps repeating them to you.  Are you beginning to notice the effects of those stories on your life?

We could spend our whole lives blaming our parents or caretakers, but as adults, we have the responsibility to take care of ourselves and heal ourselves.  EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, when properly used offers you the unique opportunity to address and clear your traumatic experiences.

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We are including a basic EFT Round so you can feel inspired to begin your own journey toward Unconditional Love by Releasing the Fear of Being  You.

Note:  These videos and tapping scripts are generic in nature and not reflective of an actual EFT session with us.  Our sessions are specifically designed for YOU, Your special Needs, Circumstances and Specific Events in Your Life.  We help you neutralize the destructive emotions of anger, grief, self-doubt, fear, nervousness, lack of confidence, emotional pain or any other negative emotion or memory that robs you our your joy.  Then you are imprinted with positive beliefs and emotions for permanent change and well-being.  If you agree to follow this EFT Round, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your own well-being.  Further, these EFT phrases might trigger your own memories and emotions, write them down and then do EFT focusing on them, until you do not feel an emotional intensity.  You  deserve peace, so keep tapping.

Setting the Intention to heal: “I Love Myself for Taking the Steps to Be My Authentic Self”

Did you ever have an opportunity in your life,  to do something that you really desired,  but the fear of being you,  paralyzed you and you couldn’t  do it or you didn’t even try?  Think about that event… What emotion do you feel?  (one emotion at a time)

Rate the intensity of your emotion  on a scale of  0-10  (SUDS  Rating-Subjective Units of Distress)

10 meaning- your highest emotional intensity  (I feel terrible)

0 meaning- no intensity at all  (I feel happy)   Drink water before tapping

While rubbing the sore spot on your chest or tapping the karate chop point of either hand (7-10 times) repeat the following phrases aloud:


Even though I am afraid to be the real me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even though I am afraid of my own power, and I don’t dare to create what I really desire in my life, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself

Even though I don’t have the courage to see my world in a different way and I have settled for what I don’t want, I deeply love myself anyway and maybe I can allow myself to have a new perspective

Even though I have forgotten that I have this power to create and to be my authentic self.  I am choosing to remember that I am a powerful creator

Now tap on the following energy points while repeating your negative reminder phrases: (If possible tap on both sides of the face and body) (Use 3 or 4 fingers of one hand to tap on the energy points)

Crown of head: I am afraid to be the real me

Beginning of eyebrow: I am afraid of my own power

Side of eye: I don’t have the courage to change my world

Under eye: I have already settled for what I don’t want

Under nose: I have forgotten that I have this power to create

Under mouth: I am afraid to be my own authentic self

Collarbone: Being powerful really frightens me

Under Arm: I don’t have permission to be me

Crown of head:  Who will I be if I am the real me?

Take a slow healing breath in and out and release your fear of being your authentic self.  Release this fear  from your mind, body and soul.

How do you feel?

Rate your emotional intensity level o a scale of 0-10, do several rounds until your intensity is down to Zero.

Now tap Reframing and Positive Choices on each of the energy points:

Crown of head: What if I could release my fear of being my authentic self?

Beginning of eyebrow:  I know that I have a reason for being

Side of eye: It is getting easier and easier to have the courage to change my life

Under eye:  I know that I have the power to change my old ways of doing things

Under nose: I am remembering that I already have this power to create

Under mouth: Yes,  I am a powerful creator

Collarbone: What if I could clear my fear of being myself?

Under arm:  I am giving myself permission to embrace my own power and be the real me

Crown of head: I am fearless and I am my authentic self

Take a slow healing breath in and out and relax your mind and body!


Put your hand on the middle of your chest (your heart center)   and tap   while repeating aloud:

I am grateful for my wonderful mind and body and my soul

I am grateful because I am taking the steps to be my authentic self

I am grateful because I am releasing the fear of being me

I appreciate my courage to be the real me

I am grateful because I have the power to change my own life

I love myself   because I have the courage to change my old patterns

I am grateful because I already have my creative powers

I appreciate that I am a powerful creator

I am grateful because___________________ (fill in the blank)

I am grateful because___________________(fill in the blank)

I am grateful because___________________(fill in the blank)

 Again to repeat,  Clearing the Fear of  Being You and Embracing Your Own Power Frees You so You can Love Yourself Unconditionally and then Love Others.

Now,  can I get your thoughts on these questions?  please share below:

What are you doing to connect to your own power?

How are you communicating to the world that you are fearless?

What old patterns would you like to change now, so you can be your authentic self?



Edith Howell,  EFT MindandBody Expert Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT, plus I am adding my gift of intuition and all the lessons learned the hard way while dealing with a devastating incurable disease. I healed myself with EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques and now I help others to clear their emotional pain, their limiting beliefs and their traumatic childhood so they can heal their heart and their lives, learn to love themselves unconditionally, have joy, peace and feel happy to be alive!

P.S.  As always thanks for reading, contributing your opinions and your experiences.  If you liked this article please share in your  social media.





  1. junilei

    thank you so much for this!

    • Hi Junilei:
      I hope that my article really inspires you to express yourself in the world, “Being YOU”. And remember that EFT is a powerful technology that can help you eliminate whatever might be blocking the expression of your most authentic self. You are here to shine!

      Much love, Edith Howell


  1. “Healing can Begin by Loving Yourself Unconditionally” | EFT Mind and Body

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