“What Does EFT Have To Do With The Golden Buddha?”

If you were to visit Thailand today, you probably would make sure that you visited  Phra Maha Mondop, the new home of  “The All-Gold Buddha Statue”  at Wat Traimitr  Wittayaram.  Why is this such a popular destination?

Well, this new building is the home for “The Golden Buddha”  which is ten-and-a-half-foot tall, solid-gold Buddha.  It weighs over two-and-a-half tons and is valued at approximately one hundred and ninety-six million dollars.  There are different accounts about the Golden Buddha’s history.  For example, some say that somewhere between 1955 to 1957  the monks from a monastery had to move a Buddha covered with plaster from their temple to a new place.  When the crane began to lift the statue, the weight of it was so overwhelming that it began to crack.  Others say, the ropes holding the statue broke when they were trying to move it from its pedestal and the statue fell down on the ground.   To make matters more difficult, it began to rain.  The head monk then decided to cover it with a large canvas to protect it from the rain.

In the evening the monk went to check on the Buddha. He aimed his flashlight under the canvas to make sure that the Buddha was dry.  When the light hit the crack, he saw an uncovered gold surface.  He wondered if there was something underneath the plaster.  He got a chisel  and began to chip away at the plaster.  As he got rid of pieces of plaster, the gold surface became bigger.  After some time, the monk  finished his work and was amazed at what he uncovered:  under all that plaster  was hidden the most impressive solid gold Buddha he had ever seen.

When the plaster was being removed, it was also found that the gold statue actually consists of nine parts that all fit smoothly together. Also, a key was found encased in plaster at its base. This key could be used to disassemble the statue, to facilitate its transportation.

“What Does EFT Have to Do with the Golden Buddha?

Think about it for a moment,  the magnificence of the Golden Buddha was hidden under layers of plaster, the solid gold was underneath the plaster but people could not see it for centuries.   What about us? 

This is what Dr. Joseph Mercola has to say about chronic illnesses and trauma:  “In my experience with patients with serious chronic illnesses, the vast majority have previous emotional stress that contributed to their problem. And for most of the serious illnesses, the trauma stems back to their childhood. It is important to understand that the process actually starts even before you are born, while you are still in the womb.

The evidence is very clear, for instance, that infants whose mother’s were depressed while pregnant are more likely to be irritable and sleep erratically,  show diminished responsiveness,  and may develop problem behaviors during the early elementary school years.  I also believe that there is a link to the father’s stresses, and these frequently are transferred to the child as well.”

We are all like the Golden Buddha, our magnificence is hidden under layers and layers of plaster made out of:

  • Childhood Trauma
  • Adult Trauma
  • Fears
  • Negative Beliefs about Ourselves
  • Negative Beliefs about the World Around us
  • Patterns that are keeping us stuck in emotional pain
  • Painful memories
  • Feeling unworthy
  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Inadequacy
  • Feeling unlovable
  • Feeling unsafe in the world
  • Sexual abuse
  • Having an emptiness or hole in your heart

EFT EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES is like the chisel and the tools that the monk used to uncover The Golden Buddha.  Because underneath all your emotional pain, you are already magnificent, you are this golden essence, you are pure gold, at your core you are pure love.  You just need help to chisel all the pain, the trauma, the fears  away so you can be your RADIANT SELF.

After all you were born to Shine

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  • Healing your childhood
  • Healing your past
  • Feeling strong and powerful
  • Embracing positive beliefs about yourself
  • Feeling safe in the world
  • Releasing patterns that no longer serve you and replacing them with patterns that help you to grow and enjoy yourself
  • Feeling joy and peace in your mind and body
  • Believing and Feeling that you are worth it
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Believing and Feeling that you are more than good enough
  • Clearing the pain of sexual, emotional or physical abuse and replacing it with love for yourself
  • Filling up your heart with joy, peace and love
  • Learning to have unconditional love for yourself

So ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I need to release in order to allow my golden essence to shine in all its magnificence?
  • What areas of my life need healing?
  • What trauma or emotional pain  do I need to clear out my mind and body  so I can embrace my own radiance?



image of temple           image of buddha

Edith Howell,  EFT Mindandbody Expert, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT


P.S. If this EFT article resonates with you,  please feel free to share it with whoever you feel guided. Thank you.

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