“Are You Celebrating Mother’s Day Each Day of Your Life?”

To All Mothers and Those Who Lovingly  Care for Others Around Them:

“Happy Mother’s Day”

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As you observe this beautiful picture of the sea in San Diego, California, USA;  I want to invite you to reflect on Mother’s Day…

What do you usually do on that day?  Maybe, your family dedicates that day to make you feel special  and show you their love and appreciation for everything you do for them.  What a great opportunity for your children to give you presents they made specially for you.  And what a great opportunity for you to receive….

All of you, mothers,  deserve recognition for the love, the compassion, the nurturing, the attention and all the amazing things that you do for your family each day of your life.

Being a mother is a great responsibility, you have one of the most important and sacred jobs in the world, so how you nurture and take care of yourself is of the utmost importance because…

  • You want to mother your children from a place of peace and love not from a place of stress, overwhelm and desperation

I want to suggest to you to put yourself first today and every day….by now, you are probably thinking:  “What  a selfish thing to do”,   aren’t  I suppose to do everything  for everybody?

Well, what  I learned in my own life experience is that a mother who wants to be healthy, balanced and centered would do the following:

  • Love and Accept Yourself  Unconditionally
  • Be gentle with yourself every day, and treat yourself with compassion
  • Respect yourself so others would respect you
  • Recognize that you are worth it.  Own your value
  • Set healthy boundaries, so you only accept to do what your heart wants you to do
  • Learn to say NO
  • Live a heart centered life
  • Listen to your heart and your intuition
  • Listen to the messages your body is sending you every day.  Ask:  ” what is my body trying to tell me?”
  • Take care of your mind and body  (which includes  adequate  exercise, sleep  and nutrition that your doctor recommends for your own unique case)
  • Take care of your physical and spiritual needs first thing in the morning
  • Heal your unresolved emotional issues and trauma with EFT.  If you have tried doing EFT on your own and you don’t get results, consider investing in yourself and hire a certified EFT Practitioner  so you can heal yourself and your life easier and faster.  And that is exactly, what we do here at http://www.eftmindandbody.com   We lead you by the hand, in a step by step process, so you can heal your childhood trauma, your life or business easier and faster. If you are ready for deep transformation, just send us an e-mail, explaining your problems and we go from there. And just be prepared for results that will shift your entire life! https://eftmindandbody.com/services/
  • Set aside some quiet time for you each day, even if it is just a few minutes to help balance yourself
  • Cherish yourself
  • BE your biggest cheerleader
  • Speak your truth and Speak up when you do not like or agree with something
  • Focus on your amazing qualities, and what makes you unique.  For example,  you can tap on the different energy points in front of the mirror  and say: 
  • I am beautiful, I am healthy,  I am amazing,  I am enthusiastic,  I am shining, I am love, I am loved, I am happy,  I am energetic, I am strong,  I am powerful, I love myself, I love my body, etc. etc.
  • Do what gives you joy, have fun
  • It is O.K. to ask for  and receive help
  • Buy yourself  flowers, surround yourself with beauty
  • Treat yourself like an honored guest every single day of your life!

Please know that when YOU TRULY  LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY and you take care of yourself, YOU ARE ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILDREN EVEN MORE and you are influencing their lives in the most benevolent way possible.  You are making a difference, you are raising loving, confident and healthy kids!

Remember that, it is very difficult to give when you are running on empty, but when you take care of yourself and you are healthy, you have more than enough to offer your family and others. So Love Yourself and nurture yourself  first, and then others will benefit also.


So my questions for you today are:

  • How can you cherish yourself even more?
  • How do you show yourself that you love yourself unconditionally?
  • Are you living your life from a place of peace and love or from a place of desperation and overwhelm?
  • What is blocking you from really taking care of yourself?
  • Do you see the value in treating yourself  like an honored  guest?
  • What topic would you like to see discussed here?

Feel free to share your thoughts  and tips below, we appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for reading our article  “Are You Celebrating Mother’s Day Each Day of Your Life?”

Much love, and take care of yourself,


Edith Howell,  EFT Mindandbody Expert, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT


P.S.If this EFT article resonates with you, please feel free to share it with whoever you feel guided. 



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