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” How EFT Can Help You Create Inner Peace in Tragic Times”

  EFT Mind and Body supporting you during these times of tragedy  and crisis. How senseless recent events in the United States have been.  And how affected we all are when we hear the news or when we read  or watch it on television. Even though we have our own individual identity and we are …

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“How You Can Use EFT to Reduce Work Anxiety”

Dear Friend:               Are you like most people that dread the end of their weekend?  Does your energy begin to go down Sunday Night with the sheer anticipation that Monday morning you have to go back to work? And as Monday arises-  just thinking that you may be spending …

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    For Your Inspiration: Nola Ochs of Kansas became the oldest graduate from Fort Hays State University three years ago at age 95, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, Ochs, now 98, topped that academic feat Saturday, when she received her master’s degree in liberal studies from Fort Hays. Australian schoolgirl sailor …

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