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“Do You Have Blocks to Self-Love?”

Dear EFT Mindandbody Community: If you read our EFT Mindandbody Newsletter or if you come back to our website often, you know that we believe that  “Healing can Begin when You Love Yourself Unconditionally.” It sounds very easy to say:   Just love and accept yourself and you will eventually get better… But really, when …

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“This Father’s Day and Forever, Love Yourself Unconditionally”

To All Fathers and Father Figures Who Lovingly  Care for Others Around Them: “Happy Father’s  Day” Are you a father? Isn’t it true that when your baby was born, your whole life changed?  That the first moment you saw his tiny face and the baby grabbed your finger, he also grabbed your heart forever?  Your …

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“Are You Celebrating Mother’s Day Each Day of Your Life?”

To All Mothers and Those Who Lovingly  Care for Others Around Them: “Happy Mother’s Day” As you observe this beautiful picture of the sea in San Diego, California, USA;  I want to invite you to reflect on Mother’s Day… What do you usually do on that day?  Maybe, your family dedicates that day to make …

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