“Do You Have Blocks to Self-Love?”

Dear EFT Mindandbody Community:

If you read our EFT Mindandbody Newsletter or if you come back to our website often, you know that we believe that  “Healing can Begin when You Love Yourself Unconditionally.”

It sounds very easy to say:   Just love and accept yourself and you will eventually get better…

But really, when you think about it,  does loving yourself comes naturally to you? or have you found blocks to self-love?

As you read the following list, look deeply into yourself and answer honestly….

  •  Are you  living your life in a way that does not support you?
  • Are you   honoring yourself and your needs?  
  •  Are you allowing others to use you as a “doormat” ?
  • Are you feeling worthless?
  • Do you sacrifice yourself, your time, your energy, your money,  your resources  and sometimes your body for others?  For example:    do you ever stop whatever you are doing, when a friend, a neighbor and sometimes someone who you do not even know asks you to do something for them?  And is this a recurrent pattern?  Do you do things for others at the cost of your own health, and  your own peace of mind,  and sometimes  at the  cost of the time you are supposed to spend with your own family?
  • In other words,  do you  please others at your own expense?

Can  you relate to these examples?    Probably, deep inside  you  feel that you do not matter and that other people are more important than you.  But you might be wondering, where do these patterns come from?  or why do I allow others to treat me abusively?

These patterns of self-abuse just  don’t show up out of nowhere.  You learned them ever since you were a small child. 

Medical Research shows that the process of trauma sometimes begins when you are in your mother’s womb.  Then, as you are growing up, you observe how members of your family treat you. Then you  proceed to treat yourself the same way and you allow others to treat you that way..  You probably agree that when you are a young child, you do not have any experience in life and you are like a little sponge that absorbs everything…good or bad.


Unfortunately,  we carry these childhood patterns into our adult years and they affect all aspects our life, including  our relationships, our career, our family life and the way we handle ourselves with perfect strangers.

People can perceive our energy, and if we don’t have healthy boundaries, they know that they can take advantage of us.

Here is the bottom line…EFT, when  applied properly  works wonderfully to dissolve old childhood patterns that do not serve you at allthese old patterns are just energy that is stuck in your system and your subconscious mind and we can help you to eliminate them so they don’t sabotage your life.  Just imagine the feeling of freedom as you get rid of all of that emotional baggage.

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  • Learn to recognize when you are about to bend backwards for someone.   “Bending Backwards”  just the mention of those 2 words creates a very uncomfortable and irritating feeling.   Learn to recognize that uncomfortable feeling because it is your body sending you messages  telling you,  “Don’t do it”  “You are going against your own well-being and your physical and mental health”
  • Learn to know the difference between a respectful and kind relationship and a relationship that is one-sided, that is only looking to satisfy their own needs, without ever reciprocating the favor to you.
  • Be gentle with yourself and recognize the limits of your own mind and body.  Ask yourself:  How am I feeling?  Do I have the energy to help him out?  Do I have the time to help her out?  Do I really have the resources to help them?  Will I sacrifice my time with my children just to help him?  If I help him, will this cause me undue anxiety and stress?
  • Ask yourself:  “If the situation was reversed and I was in need of their help, would they reciprocate all I do for them and give me a hand?  You would be surprised to find out that most people who are constantly asking other people for favors  rarely reciprocate back.  They would simply tell you,  “No, I don’t like to do that”   I really don’ have the time”  or “Ask somebody else, I am busy”  Has this situation ever happened to you?   If it has, it is time for you to stop.
  • Recognize that you matter and  honor your own needs.
  • Learn to say NO when needed.  Only agree to do something when you are coming from a place of love, and respect for yourself!
  • Establish healthy and strong boundaries around yourself, your time, your energy, your money, your resources and your body.
  • Respect yourself  and your mind and body and as you do this, you will see that other people will respect you too.
  • Know that you are a beautiful person,  and that at your core you are pure love.  It is time that you show that love to yourself!

Again to repeat, EFT is a powerful tool that we can use to help you neutralize your blocks to self-love.  Clearing  all these blocks  Frees You so You can Love Yourself Unconditionally and then Love Others. You deserve love and respect!

Now,  I would love to read your comments to these questions,   please share below:

What insight are you taking away from our article today?

What old patterns would you like to change now, so you can live your life with unconditional love for yourself?


Much love, and take care of yourself,

Edith Howell,  EFT Mindandbody Expert, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.


P.S.  As always thanks for reading, contributing your opinions and your experiences.  If you liked this article please share in your  social media.




  1. Hi Katie:
    We got your e-mail. “Love your articles very helpful. Thanks.”
    Our articles are filled with EFT tips and life experience wisdom that we have learned from ourselves and the stories of our clients. It is our goal to help our clients heal their trauma, so they can begin to love themselves unconditionally. Take care
    Patrick and Edith Howell


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