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“Are YOU Giving YOUR Power Away?”

  During our childhood experience sometimes there is a situation…Could this have happened to you as you were growing up? Impressionable little children that are being raised by overpowering adults such as parents or extended family members that are so controlling and domineering and who expect unquestioning obedience. Don’t think that I am making this …

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“EFT Can Help Heal Your Father’s Rejection of You” (Also for CFS/M.E.)

        “EFT Can Help Heal Your Father’s Rejection of You”   If you are a parent you know how important your role is in  the lives of your children.  Because the way your children perceive you will affect their whole life.   Are you a loving dad? If your children always feel supported by …

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  “EFT TO CLEAR MY MOTHER DID NOT LOVE ME” During our early childhood, we begin to develop our belief systems.  These are core beliefs that we have about ourselves, the adults in our lives and the rest of the world around us.  Depending on our home environment, our core beliefs can be positive or …

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