During our early childhood, we begin to develop our belief systems.  These are core beliefs that we have about ourselves, the adults in our lives and the rest of the world around us.  Depending on our home environment, our core beliefs can be positive or negative beliefs about ourselves, our worth, our talents and our expectations about our future success in life.

Imagine for a moment, that you are a small child who goes to school, when you come back home, you proudly show your mother the pictures that you drew today; the truth is that the drawings look sloppy, but your teacher has marked them with a golden star.  Even though your mother looks tired and overwhelmed, she happily stops what she is doing to look at your pictures, she praises your drawing abilities and tells you that you are the most amazing artist that she has even seen.  She gives you hugs and kisses and she places your pictures on the refrigerator, telling you that every time she sees them, they remind her how proud she is of you.  Your little heart feels so happy because it can feel your mother’s love for you. You can be sure that when  you grow up, you are going to feel so good about yourself and your life will be filled with joy.

Imagine now, the same scenario, but this time, your pictures with the golden star are rejected by your mother, she doesn’t even want to see them because she is so tired and overwhelmed and she tells you: “Who do you think you are?”  ‘Don’t you see that I am busy?”  “You will never amount to anything”  “You make my life miserable.”

After repeatedly hearing that you are a bad boy or a bad girl, and that you don’t deserve your mother’s love, time and attention,  you don’t even deserve her compassion; you may develop a core belief that   “YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF RECEIVING.”

Unfortunately, these core beliefs have been programmed in your subconscious mind and they will continue to play like a recording all through your life, impacting your financial situation, your relationships, your career and everything you do.  Let’s face it…

“If You Are Not Able to Receive…”

How will you able to receive love that is genuine and respectful?  How will you be able to do well in a job interview when you feel worthless?

How will you be able to receive respect  from your colleagues  when your own mother didn’t respect you?             I have used the mother figure here, but this could also apply to your father or any other adult who raised you.

There has never been a better time to heal your inner child.  I helped  these clients  and now they feel better about themselves and have more love in their lives:

  • A gentleman who suffered a traumatic childhood and was always looking for a father figure
  • The young man who was repeatedly verbally and physically abused by his father
  • The ladies who were sexually abused by their fathers or family members when they were young kids
  • The lady that felt that her mother did not love her
  • The client who knew that her mother had tried to abort her

Who else would like to heal their inner child and finally feel good?  I am here to help you!


We are including a EFT  tapping script  and video so you can feel inspired to begin healing your inner child with EFT.


Tap 7 to 10 times on your  karate chop point  (side of hand) or on your favorite point and say:

This is my healing time for me and I choose to heal some of the pain of my inner child.  My inner child deserves love and respect.

Rate the intensity of your negative  emotion on a scale of 0-10 (SUDS  Rating-Subjective Units of Distress)

10 meaning – your highest intensity (I feel terrible)

0 meaning  – no intensity at all  (I feel happy)  Remember to drink water before and during tapping

While rubbing the sore spot on your chest or tapping the karate chop point of either hand (7-10 times)  Repeat the following EFT Phrases aloud:


Even though I am believing that my mother didn’t love me, I deeply love and accept myself and I accept that I always felt this way

Even though my little heart was crushed by my mother, she could never have tender affection for me, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself and I am opening myself to healing my inner child

Even though I got sick a few times when I was a little child, and my mother didn’t have any compassion for me, she didn’t take care of me with love, I still deeply and profoundly love and accept myself just as I am

Even though I felt more like a burden than a precious child to her, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Now tap on the following energy points while repeating your negative reminder phrases:  If possible tap on both sides of the face and body. (Use 3 or 4 fingers of one hand to tap on the energy points)

Crown of head: My own mother didn’t love me

Beginning of eyebrow: My mom crushed my heart

Side of eye: She never had motherly tenderness for me

Under eye:  Even when I got sick, she didn’t care for me

Under nose:  She didn’t have any compassion for me

Under mouth: She didn’t hug me when I was hurting

Collarbone:  She didn’t stop what she was doing when I was in pain

Under arm: What did I expect?

Crown of head: That she will drop everything just to take care of me?

Take a slow healing breath in and out and release your sadness,  Release from your mind and body!

How do you feel?

Rate your emotional intensity level on a scale of 0-10, do several rounds until your intensity is down to ZERO.

Now tap  REFRAMING AND POSITIVE CHOICES on each of the following energy points:

Crown of head: Maybe I can release some of my sadness

Beginning of eyebrow: Maybe she was feeling sad and overwhelmed also

Side of eye: What if I can know that her  lack of love doesn’t affect me anymore?

Under eye:  I managed to grow up anyway

Under nose: I am honoring myself for how hard my childhood  was

Under mouth: What if I have compassion for myself now?

Collarbone:  I am sending love to my inner child

Under arm: I am hugging my inner child

Crown of head: I am telling my inner child that I grew up and that I can take care of him/her now

Take a slow healing breath in   and out and relax your mind and body!


Place your hand on the middle of your chest (your heart center) and tap while repeating aloud:

I am grateful for my wonderful mind and body and my soul

I am grateful because I understand now that my mother was an injured child also

I am grateful because I am beginning to heal the pain from my heart

I appreciate my courage to heal my childhood experiences

I am grateful because I have the power to change my own life

I love myself because I have the courage to ask for the help that I need

I am grateful because I am giving myself permission to change so I can live a more joyful life

I appreciate that I can love myself and my inner child

I am grateful because__________________________________________(fill in the blank)

I am grateful because__________________________________________

I am grateful because_______________________________________________

Just remember, “Clearing Your Mother’s Issues” will heal your heart, and it frees you so You can Love Yourself Unconditionally and then love others”

So today, my questions for you are:

What specific mother or father issue would you like to resolve?

What specific childhood experience would you like to heal?

What is blocking You from “Receiving ” love, financial abundance, better health, happiness and success?

*If you are tired of suffering the effects of your traumatic childhood experience or adult trauma and you really want to transform yourself at a very deep level, and you recognize that you  are ready to invest in yourself; CLICK HERE:


Much love,

Edith Howell, EFT Practitioner, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT.

I specialize in working with  people who are suffering the devastating  effects of CFS/CFIDS/M.E.  and a   TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD.   I help them   clear their emotional pain  and trauma  so they can heal their heart and their body,  learn to love themselves unconditionally,  have more energy,  joy and peace and be fully alive!

P.S. If this EFT article resonates with you, please feel free to share it with whoever you feel guided. 

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  1. Cynthia Benedict

    Wow…!! I thought I had healed my mother issues and after doing your above script I see there was still lots of ‘juice’ left. I know how blessed I am to have found your page b/c after doing a couple of rounds & having water pouring out of my eyes and some mouth stretching yawns, the muscles in my upper back are uncharacteristically relaxed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Cynthia Benedict

  2. Dear Cynthia:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the experience you had tapping with our script.
    As you probably know enjoying a happy childhood is so important because it helps us to be healthy in mind and body when we are adults.
    That is why we love EFT, because when properly applied to your own unique issues, it can heal your inner child, it can heal your life so you can enjoy being YOU without all that baggage that is so heavy and that hurts you so much.
    Thanks for becoming part of our community.
    Much love and take care.
    Patrick and Edith Howell

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