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“Mothers, Have You Learned to Love Yourselves Unconditionally?”

Happy Mothers’ Day! “Mothers”, Have You Learned to Love Yourselves Unconditionally?” (The truth is that these articles benefit everyone who wants to learn to love themselves unconditionally) As mothers, we have the sacred role of loving our children unconditionally, to protect  and nurture them, so their little hearts are filled with the energy of love, …

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“Are You Thinking Life Affirming Thoughts?”

I Dear EFT Mindandbody  Community: According to psychologists’ research,  the average person thinks about 60,000 thoughts per day.  Can you imagine having so many thoughts a day? And unless you have become an expert at mind control  or you practice meditation,  95% of those 60,000 thoughts are repetitive, which means, what you thought yesterday is …

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“EFT – To Clear Resistance To Healing” (also for CFS/M.E.)

Dear EFT MindandBody Community:   If you or someone you know have been suffering a long standing illness, or problem like CFS/M.E. and you have tried so many different treatments to feel better and nothing seems to help, you can choose to follow this EFT Exercise to help you clear your resistance to healing.  You …

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