“Are You Thinking Life Affirming Thoughts?”


Dear EFT Mindandbody  Community:

According to psychologists’ research,  the average person thinks about 60,000 thoughts per day.  Can you imagine having so many thoughts a day?

And unless you have become an expert at mind control  or you practice meditation,  95% of those 60,000 thoughts are repetitive, which means, what you thought yesterday is the same as what you thought the day before yesterday.  Now,  wouldn’t it be interesting to find out if  you are thinking unproductive and harmful  thoughts, that are not conducive to your healing?  Or are  you thinkingLife Affirming Thoughts”  that allow you to get better and heal yourself?

So what makes a thought “unproductive”  or even harmful?  Well, have you ever caught yourself thinking….?

  • I am worthless
  • I never do anything right
  • I don’t deserve this
  • I can’t do this or that
  • Everybody is out to get me
  • I am a failure
  • I am a stupid
  • I am ugly

If you have caught yourself thinking unproductive and harmful thoughts, did you notice,  how those thoughts affected your body?  Did you notice your vibration going down?  You can begin to change your life, by changing the quality of your thoughts.

Now, please pay attention to your body and how you feel when you think  “LIFE AFFIRMING THOUGHTS…”

  • I am worth it
  • I always do my best and my best is good enough
  • I am capable
  • I am safe in the world
  • I am accomplished
  • I am brilliant
  • I am beautiful

What did you notice?  Do you feel better when you say positive thoughts about yourself?  When you think life affirming thoughts that support you and nourish your soul, your vibration increases and you attract more of those things you love in your life and as an added bonus,  you feel better about yourself!

If we are busy thinking 60,000 thoughts a day,  we might as well give ourselves permission to release our old thinking pattern that keeps us stuck in pain and failure.

If you catch yourself thinking, “I never do anything right” you can quickly say “cancel, cancel” or “stop it, stop it”

Of course, by now you know that my favorite and effective solution is to release those unproductive and harmful thoughts with EFT, EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES.

If you are ready to receive my professional EFT Help so you can change faster, click here:  https://eftmindandbody.com/services/

For a review of the tapping points go here:  just follow the instructions https://eftmindandbody.com/2013/05/07/eft-can-help-heal-your-fathers-rejection-of-you-also-for-cfsm-e/

You can simply say: ( Just tap on all the energy points, beginning with the side of your hand) and do several rounds until you clear this harmful thought:

Even though I have this habit of thinking that I never do anything right, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and what if I could change this bad habit?  What if could think that I always do my best and my best is good enough.

Another Example

Even though I am always thinking that everybody is out to get me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself and I am open to the possibility that I can feel safe wherever I go.

As I wrote the last example, I remembered a friend who, several years ago, visited a Latin American Country that was filled with violence.  He  stayed there a few months.   Of course,  I was curious about his experience so I asked how he felt about his safety while he lived over there….My friend said that all those reports we have been hearing in the news were true, but  “everything was alright in his little world and he always felt safe.”  This is the same person who loved  living in New York City.  He still calls it the most amazing city that he has ever been in.  Do you think he felt safe in New York?  YES, he did and YES, he was.

So there is something in his energetic vibration and his belief system that makes him feel safe wherever he is.   And again, this is just a person’s personal experience.  I am not suggesting that we put ourselves in danger or in the middle of violence just to prove that we have a high vibration.

But the important question here is:  Are you thinking Life Affirming Thoughts or Unproductive and Harmful thoughts?

Just remember then,  that Life Affirming Thoughts support you in whatever you wish to achieve in your life.    Unproductive and Harmful Thoughts work against you and the goals that you have set for yourself, making whatever you are doing a struggle.   Every time you say:  “I am worthless”  your body hears that message and guess what…You repeat that thought so much, it soon becomes a reality.

We are living in amazing times, where we can release an unproductive and harmful thought easily with EFT.  A thought is just energy,  You now have the technology to remove, or eliminate the “bad” energy  from unproductive and harmful thoughts so you can align yourself with the desires of your heart and fulfill your dreams easily and gracefully.

Please know that deep rooted beliefs and serious issues  require the artistic application of EFT and that we will have to dig deep to find out what is causing you to have those type of beliefs and then we will proceed to help you release what no longer is working for you.  It is time to recognize that you deserve to have “LIFE AFFIRMING THOUGHTS”  that allow you to get better and heal yourself in all facets of your life.

Now I would love to hear from you...

Have you ever had unproductive and harmful thoughts like most of us do?

What did you do to release your unproductive thoughts?

What is your biggest insight from this article?

As always thanks for reading, contributing your opinions  and sharing in social media.

Much love, and take care of yourself,


Edith Howell,  EFT Mindandbody Expert, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT



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