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“Are YOU Giving YOUR Power Away?”

  During our childhood experience sometimes there is a situation…Could this have happened to you as you were growing up? Impressionable little children that are being raised by overpowering adults such as parents or extended family members that are so controlling and domineering and who expect unquestioning obedience. Don’t think that I am making this …

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    Do you remember what you felt when you  were a little kid?  Hopefully, you have sweet memories of loving parents and grandparents. Maybe you remember your grandmother teaching you how to bake cookies in the winter months, or how she kept a drawer full with your favorite candies ready for your visits to …

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“How EFT Can Help You Change Your Mindset From Lack To Abundance”

               Click here to preview and purchase Enjoy my new book on Amazon: How To Eliminate Your Scarcity Mindset So You Can Enjoy Abundance Volume 1 EFT exercises to clear your limiting beliefs and negative emotions that are blocking you from the money you deserve. Hi Everybody: Our Quote for Today:  “Whatever you can …

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