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“The Uniqueness of Your Own Personal Story”

Dear EFT Mindandbody Community: Everybody that you meet has a story, just as you have your own personal story.  But did you know that your story is  unique and so different from the stories of your own brothers and sisters who were raised with you in the same environment? All of you were in the …

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“EFT – To Clear Resistance To Healing” (also for CFS/M.E.)

Dear EFT MindandBody Community:   If you or someone you know have been suffering a long standing illness, or problem like CFS/M.E. and you have tried so many different treatments to feel better and nothing seems to help, you can choose to follow this EFT Exercise to help you clear your resistance to healing.  You …

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“Children Need to be Loved, Protected and Respected”

People come to me because they need help healing their childhood wounds.  Each person is unique,  and their childhood experiences are unique to them.  But as children,  they all  shared one common need,  “The Need to be Loved , Protected and Respected.” As to this date, my clients have not been little children, my clients …

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