“The Uniqueness of Your Own Personal Story”

Dear EFT Mindandbody Community:

Everybody that you meet has a story, just as you have your own personal story.  But did you know that your story is  unique and so different from the stories of your own brothers and sisters who were raised with you in the same environment?

All of you were in the same household, but you might have perceived situations in a different way than your siblings.  It is all a matter of perception.

For example, You might have been the oldest sibling,  and you might have experienced  lack and scarcity during your early childhood,  while your younger brother arrived at a time when your parents  had more financial resources.  Your little brother has a different perspective of his home environment.  He probably believes that he never experienced lack.

The opposite could be true also, the little brother might have perceived that his big brother never had to struggle, that everything was handed to him on a silver platter, while he believes that he himself  had to work hard to get what he wanted.  Yes, again, it is a matter or perception.

So what we want you to know is that  what you perceived as a little child matters.  Your own personal story matters.  You are unique and your life experience is unique to you.   Have you ever gone to your mom and told her something that you remember from your childhood?

For example,  Let’s imagine that you told her:  when I was little, you used to send me to my uncle’s house for the summer and I always felt that you wanted to get rid of me, and I never heard from you until they sent me back,  and it happened to me so many times.   What do you think she would tell you?    ‘ Now, that didn’t happen the way you are saying.  I only sent you once.  O.K. maybe twice, but that is it.”

Do you wonder,  why do both of you have a different memory of the same event?   Well,  in your mind, this summer event that took place in your life translated into abandonment and the feeling and the belief  that your mother did not want you in the house.  You might have felt like a burden to the family  or like  the throw away child.

When you want to heal your childhood story,  it really does not matter how your mother perceived your summer vacation away from her.  What matters  is how you felt while you had  the experience.  For instance in our imaginary situation,   you could ask yourself…

  • Was it a happy or sad experience for you?
  • Did you feel welcomed at your uncle’s house?
  • Were you abused in any way?
  • Did you feel abandoned by your mother?

These and many more issues could have stemmed from just this one event.  Can you imagine the impact this experience could have in your adult life? You might believe and feel that your mother did not want you around the house, that she rejected you and did not love you.  You might feel that you don’t fit in anywhere.

Now let me tell you something, we usually  receive  many e-mails from people suffering  CFS/M.E. which is a very serious and devastating disease, They tell us about their struggles in dealing with this horrendous condition and how nothing they have ever tried works.

Then we tell them about EFT.  We always let them know that EFT is not a “miracle cure”.  To tell you the truth, I was sick with CFS for more than a decade and I was completely disabled and just dragging myself through life so when I first started using EFT, I never got one of those “minute wonders” that sometimes you hear about in the internet.  Let me explain,  if you are new to EFT, what “one minute wonders” are.   Some people claim that after just doing a few rounds of tapping,  tap, tap, tap  their issue disappeared.  In my own personal case that was not true at all. I had  painful  multiple symptoms that not even the medical doctors could handle.  However, we did see “one minute wonders with other people”

In dealing with  my own personal story, what we found was that as we carefully identified big core issues behind very specific events in my life and we cleared them with the artful use of EFT, then I began to slowly feel better, I began to attend meetings that were important to me during those years, I just began to do more things and be more active, l felt like  I was coming back to life.  Sometimes, my progress was so subtle that I did not notice it, but my husband would tell me: ” wow, you haven’t done that in years.”   Sometimes, it takes a person near you to let you know that you are really changing, that you are transforming yourself.

On the other hand, we observed that clients who came for help in healing the emotional pain of their traumatic childhood,   went  back home smiling and hopeful after the first session and eager to come back to continue their healing. They knew they were already changing their lives.

So what does all of this information mean to you?  we want you to recognize ” The Uniqueness of Your Own Personal Story”

You are so unique, in the whole wide world, there is only one of you, YOU ARE WITHOUT EQUAL,  your childhood story,  your life experiences,  your gifts, talents  and hopes, your thoughts and  the way you view your life,; they all contribute to the person you are today.

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So when you are ready to heal your life, remember “THE IMPORTANCE AND THE UNIQUENESS OF YOUR OWN PERSONAL STORY” because it is fundamental to your healing and success!

Now,  I would love to read your comments to these questions,   please share below:

Do you think  this article is beneficial to you?

What insights have you learned about yourself and the uniqueness of your own personal story?

Much love, and take care of yourself,

Edith Howell,  EFT Mindandbody Expert, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator and Founder of EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques




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