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“Your Just For Today EFT Routine in 2014”

Hi EFT Mind and Body Community: Thank you to our old subscribers that chose to join us here at the website, and a warm welcome to our new subscribers. We are happy that you are here as we start an amazing new year filled with possibilities and new options. December 31st,2013 As I write these …

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“EFT to Help You Release the Energy of Desperation When You Are Sick” (Also for CFS/M.E)

    Dear EFT Mindandbody  Community:             “How You can Release the Energy of Desperation When You Are Sick” What do you have in common with everyone else? We are all human and at one point or another in our lives, we have all suffered desperation.  Some of the reasons …

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  “EFT to Help YOU Cultivate an Appreciative Attitude”       Why do we need to maintain an appreciative attitude? Imagine for a moment…. You know someone  who expressed a loving concern for you in the past, someone who went out of his way to help you.  Imagine now that you are writing a …

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