“Your Just For Today EFT Routine in 2014”

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December 31st,2013

As I write these lines for you today, I notice that it is already 2014 in some parts of the world. But it is just evening time here and people are getting ready to celebrate tonight.  Are YOU Celebrating?

We have talked before about the importance of celebrating yourself and your life,  so I am enclosing 2 previous and valuable  articles as reminders for you. Please read them and apply these suggestions  even if you are not a father or a mother;  as long as you are here,  this information is so important for you and it will take you in the direction of healing and inner peace.



noche buena

I keep insisting that you apply these suggestions in your life, because when you don’t take care of yourself, you fall out of alignment with who you truly are and you make room for overwhelm.

And that is precisely how I created the space to get so sick with CFS/M.E.

During all those devastating years of the chronic illness that I suffered, I used to wake up with anticipatory dread, just thinking, how in the world am I going to be able to get up and help my kids to get ready for school? Then I would say a desperate prayer…why? just because I was desperate.  I didn’t know that maybe if I could focus on just one thing that was still feeling good in my body, (like my eyes, for example, which was probably the only good thing that I had going on) I could change my perspective and be open to new possibilities.

Today I am able  to help people who have suffered childhood or adult trauma, because I have done very deep work with EFT to heal myself and I keep doing EFT on myself to clear whatever negative situation or energy that shows up in my life.  I don’t want to start carrying baggage again. It is too heavy and it blocks you from enjoying your life!

Please know, that if you really want to heal your life, you can do it with DEEP AND TRANSFORMATIONAL EFT WORK! You are worth it, give yourself the gift of a deep and profound EFT Transformation so you can finally feel good!

If you are ready to change and transform yourself, click here:  https://eftmindandbody.com/services/

So when you just wake up, don’t focus on everything that is wrong with you, instead try:

Your Just For Today EFT Routine in 2014″

To give yourself  the opportunity of recognizing that even if you are sick, or weak, maybe you don’t have any money, there are still good things that you  could focus on:

You can do this Just for today EFT Routine right after you wake up…open your palms and take some breaths…

Place  your hand on the middle of your chest (your heart center) and tap while repeating aloud, keep breathing…and feel the peace in your heart.

  • Just for today I  celebrate that I woke up
  • Just for today I celebrate that I am alive
  • Just for today I am in gratitude for my wonderful mindandbody
  • Just for today I am aware of my breath and my essence
  • Just for today as I breathe, I allow my entire mindandbody to relax
  • Just for today I am remembering that I am worth it
  • Just for today I recognize that I matter and my needs matter
  • Just for today I allow myself to bless and release my physical pain
  • Just for today I allow myself to bless and  release my emotional pain
  • Just for today I remain peaceful for 24 hours
  • Just for today I release my need to judge myself
  • Just for today I release my need to beat myself up
  • Just for today I feel vibrant energy
  • Just for today I am Healthy
  • Just for today I forgive myself
  • Just for today I am more than the hurt of my past
  • Just for today I love and bless myself
  • Just for today I love and bless every experience that I have
  • Just for today I love and bless every person that I meet
  • Just for today I accept all of  my feelings because they are part of my human experience
  • Just for today I allow myself to feel safe in the world
  • Just for today I embrace my infinite possibilities
  • Just for today I am ready to experience my magnificence
  • Just for today I am confident
  • Just for today I respect myself
  • Just for today I deeply and completely love and accept myself
  • Just for today I ask the universe for all these blessings and something even greater!

Take some slow healing breaths and keep feeling the peace in your heart.  Enjoy your day, YOU DESERVE AN AMAZING DAY!

And tomorrow, repeat “Your Just for Today EFT Routine”

Now I would love to read your thoughts below…

  • What would you like to add to “Your Just For Today EFT Routine?”

Feel free to share your opinions  and tips below, we  all appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for reading our article “Your Just For Today EFT Routine in 2014”

Much love, and take care of yourself,

Edith Howell,  EFT Practitioner, Certified by Gary Craig, The Creator of EFT



I specialize in working with  people who are suffering the devastating  effects of CFS/CFIDS/M.E.  and a   TRAUMATIC CHILDHOOD.   I help them   clear their emotional pain  and trauma  so they can heal their heart,  feel better about themselves,  have more energy,  joy and peace and be fully alive!

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  1. I love the concept of this just for today tapping. I often wake in the morning with the intention of making a conscious contact with the universe and to be grateful for another day here on earth.
    I am grateful for and highly enjoy your articles and your emails.
    Thank you.

  2. Dear Kelcy:
    I really love having you here as part of our group. I appreciated your e-mails and comments in the past. I love to know what you are thinking and feeling. In 2014, we are providing EFT resources that will be very affordable for everybody, so people can benefit from EFT MindandBody Transformation.
    Your intention of making a conscious contact with the universe and to be grateful because you are alive is amazing. Keep doing it, because you are expanding your awareness and your consciousness.
    Kelcy, you are here to make a huge contribution in our world, your work has the potential to impact so many people. Do what you love, and love yourself unconditionally!
    Take care, Edith Howell

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