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“Do You Have Blocks to Self-Love?”

Dear EFT Mindandbody Community: If you read our EFT Mindandbody Newsletter or if you come back to our website often, you know that we believe that  “Healing can Begin when You Love Yourself Unconditionally.” It sounds very easy to say:   Just love and accept yourself and you will eventually get better… But really, when …

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“Are You Thinking Life Affirming Thoughts?”

I Dear EFT Mindandbody  Community: According to psychologists’ research,  the average person thinks about 60,000 thoughts per day.  Can you imagine having so many thoughts a day? And unless you have become an expert at mind control  or you practice meditation,  95% of those 60,000 thoughts are repetitive, which means, what you thought yesterday is …

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“Are YOU Giving YOUR Power Away?”

  During our childhood experience sometimes there is a situation…Could this have happened to you as you were growing up? Impressionable little children that are being raised by overpowering adults such as parents or extended family members that are so controlling and domineering and who expect unquestioning obedience. Don’t think that I am making this …

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