EFT Mind and Body

Hi Everyone:

As you talk to your friends,  you  realize that a lot of people are going through a lot of difficulties in lifesome of them have lost their jobs,  others are very sick or have trouble with their relationships.  What about you?    How are you feeling?  Are you also stuck in the energy of desperation, overwhelm and despair?  Is it possible for you to change and feel better?

If you are reading this article,  you are probably already familiar with EFT and are  aware that EFT,  Emotional Freedom Techniques, created by Gary Craig,  is very effective in clearing emotional pain, limiting beliefs, the distress of traumatic events and a lot more issues.

We  want to invite you to begin clearing your overwhelm with the following EFT ExerciseTry it and let us know how it helped you to feel more peaceful and calm

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